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Gail is a born-again Christian and an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of her favorite things to do besides ministry are to work in her garden, go biking, walking and fishing. Gail is also an entrepreneur and has years of experience in SEO, article and content writing, and social media marketing. To contact Gail by email: gw@kncb.org

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    There is a treasure on the inside of you. His name is the Holy Spirit, the One who leads and guides you into all the truth and shows you things to come. Always rely on the Spirit of God in your life and things will be much easier for you.

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      Gail Walls

      Amen, we have to let go and let God.

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      Everyday we must work on having a better relationship with the Holy Spirit. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is critical.

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    Peter magima

    Am a missionary working in North Mozambique. I am a called evangelist with a writing ministry like morris cerrullo. I have been called to evangelise Africa, India, and the world. I need Christian organisations that can support my mission. I need resources, vehicles, preaching instruments, film project and others like computers for writing ministry. Pray with me and support me


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