Adventure Missions

Adventure Missions

Are you and the family ready to set off on your first adventure missions tour? You will have some experiences that will be life-changing. Your whole outlook on how to fulfill your calling as one of God’s servants in His vineyard will become more clear. Traveling to beautiful continents like Africa will reveal to you a new and different culture. You will have the opportunity to have an “up-close” look at the many animals most of us have only seen on the National Geographic channel.

Short Term Missions

Start with a “short-term” adventure mission. Get your “feet wet” so to speak. Test the waters to see how and what other global mission organizations are doing in other countries. When you and the family become a part of or are involved in your adventure missions, you will get the opportunity to interact with the people in their local community. Your help is needed and appreciated in feeding the children, handing out clothing or simply being a loving pair of arms to those who need a hug.

Missions Volunteer

If you have love in your heart and want to serve others who are less fortunate, adventure missions should be a perfect fit for you. Your children will gain an understanding, firsthand, of what it’s like to go without running water, air-conditioned homes, and a soft bed. They will be much more appreciative when you get back home. It will also instill good moral values and help them understand how to “love others” without prejudice. Like Jesus! Consider an adventure missions trip for your next “getaway” by becoming a missions volunteer. These people give tirelessly of their love, time, and finances.

Mission Adventure Videos

Video on demand plays a major role in sharing some of the hardships. It brings awareness of all the Godsent missionaries and missionary stories from around the world. It gives you an opportunity to visit “ground zero” without having to be there. is excited about the mission that God has placed on our hearts.

Contact your local or an online mission organization for scheduled adventure missions and the details. Next, decide on what country you would like to visit and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Also, share your videos and the work being done to help change the lives of others for the better.

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