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Apostle Sheraton Walls was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. From an early age, he knew that God wanted to use him. It wasn’t until he reached the age of 40 that God would show him. Apostle Sheraton Walls’ ministry began on the streets along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Apostle Walls’ ministry is aptly named, Outside Ministry. His mission was and is to win souls for Jesus Christ.

He was baptized by the fire of the Holy Ghost and has not looked back since. His hunger for God has never diminished, only increased. The saving of souls is first and foremost in his ministry. The Lord has also blessed him with the gift of prophecy and deliverance for the people who want to be set free.

Apostle Walls and his wife lost all material possessions during the storm of Hurricane Katrina. The Lord led them to North Carolina and have created and established an online ministry at The main purpose is to provide a safe and family Christian environment for people around the world. A place where the unsaved can come to Jesus, get biblical teachings from sermon audios or even old Christian movies that are based on Bible scripture.

Apostle Sheraton Walls and his wife created a network of channels. He understands that reaching people can be done using different streams but delivering the same message. Godsent TV is the epitome of what working in God’s harvest is all about. The videos allow the viewer to experience, first-hand, the love shared and given through his servants throughout the world.

Free Christian movies are available that provide a better understanding of scripture. Especially to those who are new in Christ. Sermon videos are free to watch at Say Amen and some great travel tips and information can be found on the Travel channel. There is so much to see, hear, and experience at and all its different channels. We are positive you will find lots of fun, informative and interesting things to enjoy while visiting. Please share these gems with family and friends.

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