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Southern Gospel Music

If you have never listened to some good southern gospel music, you don’t know what you have been missing. Seriously! Much as I like to think that I am versatile when it comes to Christian music, southern gospel is not what I listen to on a regular basis, it is certainly moving. Gospel music today can be heard or listened to at any online southern gospel radio station. One that caters to the southern man and woman of God and northerners as well. And my favorite gospel artist of all times has to be The Gaithers and the Crabb family.

Gospel Music Online

“in the early days they were sometimes called “quartets”

These groups in the early days were sometimes called “quartets.” They were formed with four male singers that mostly sung Acapella. Some had a simple accompaniment of a piano or guitar. You can enjoy some of the latest  music online or tune in to your favorite southern gospel radio station. Here are the names and comments of just some great Christian music videos I recommend:
  • “Greater Vision,” is one of the most upbeat gospel music groups I have listened to.
  • “The Hoppers,” are very active and have a lot of stops scheduled around the USA.
  • “Booth Brothers,” is another great group and you can even catch them on a cruise!
  • “Ernie Haase and Signature Sound,” tour all around the globe.

Black Gospel Music

Any kind of black gospel music is for the edifying and exalting our Father in Heaven. Most of all, it expresses a personal belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior. In addition, is often referred to as praise and worship music. There are many black gospel music videos that you can watch online at any Christian broadcasting network or listen to on any Christian radio station online. The story behind the Blind Boys from Alabama is truly amazing. Here are a few Black gospel songs and Christian music artists that I recommend for your enjoyment.
  1. Smokey Norful- I Need You Now
  2. Hezekiah Walker – Grateful 
  3. Shekinah Glory Ministry- Yes
Many recording artists are ministers of the word as well. Our platform at KNCB is perfect for new and seasoned Christian music artists. Learn how you can have your own audio podcast or MP4 channel by contacting a team member today. Let us know who some of your favorites are by leaving a comment below, be sure to share! Be Blessed ©Minister Gail Walls – All Rights Reserved

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