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It’s Going to Turn Out All Right! William Franklin Billy Graham, Jr., was born on November 7, 1918. His Presbyterian parents were Morrow and William Franklin, Billy loved reading and impersonating Tarzan. Billy’s father said he was a future preacher. He prophesied truth.

Protestant Pope of America, Billy Graham became a pastor, radio-televangelist, and youth ministry leader. He started the 150-station Christian radio program Hour of Decision and also appeared on Christian TV and webcasts. The World Wide Films subsidiary formed Billy Graham Evangelistic Film Ministry. It publicized his Christian crusades.

Billy is a Christian humanitarian and participated in civil rights. Pastor Graham put an end to segregated seating in revivals. He helped Martin Luther King Jr. during the Albany Movement and was also a consultant for the SCLC. Billy was involved in youth ministry, especially colleges.

Pastor Billy Graham

Evangelical Christian Billy Graham began the world evangelization Lausanne Movement. He was a  49-year Gallup Top 10 person. As America’s Pastor, Billy befriended U.S. and foreign presidents. Pastor Billy associated with societal experts, such as scientists and theorists. Later, while at Bob Jones College, he met Ruth and graduated from Florida Bible and Wheaton College. As a result, the future Bible college president formed the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  

Soon recognized as a great writer and was said to be the Greatest Living American. His missionary stories are in 30+ books and autobiography Just As I Am. Listed as a Christian bestseller,  it was named after his favorite altar-call song. The Christian movie Billy: The Early Years was made in his honor.

Billy Graham Awards

Social leader and prophet, Billy Graham was awarded greatly. He was recognized by colleges, Presidents, Congress, and the military. Evangelist Graham received religious, civic, public speaking awards and is in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Andrae Crouch, and others gospel music artists, sang for him.  Also, he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Billy Graham turned down a $1 million dollar NBC contract because he wanted to do revivals.

Pastor Graham has ministered to almost 300 million in at least 400 evangelistic crusades. He traveled to almost 200 countries on 6 continents. Health challenges began to take their toll. At 82, he decided to retire and at the age of 86, a library was opened in his honor in Charlotte, North Carolina. Age 91, he attended the re-dedication and at 95, William (Billy) Graham, preached his final sermon My Hope for America. His active ministry lasted for more than 70 years. Pastor Graham is approaching his 97th birthday.

We are the Bibles the word is reading. We are the creeds the world is needing.

We are the sermons the world is heeding. _ Billy Graham

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