Bobbie Houston

Bobbie Houston

People Need Your Story. Bobbie Houston is a Pentecostal megachurch pastor, co-founder, women’s ministry leader, and prophetess. She is also a conference speaker and author. She was born January 16, 1957, in New Zealand. She is married to Brian Houston of Hillsong. Hillsong is known for some of the world’s greatest top ten Christian Praise worship songs.

Pastor Bobbie Houston

Though christened as an Anglican, Pastor Bobbie Houston’s family did not go to church. She began to ask Why am I Here? and other life questions. She was spiritually hungry. Bobbie didn’t know it. Something or someone was missing. Her parents never tried to discourage her or encourage her to have faith in God. One day, she heard the gospel of Jesus Christ at a friend’s church. She wanted more. Little did Bobbie know her new life would give her just that.

As sung by Israel Houghton at a Hillsong Music Conference, she was Going to Another Level.

Bobbie Houston Hillsong

Destiny caused Bobbie Houston met her future husband at a Christian convention. Her assignment was food ministry. She took Brian’s ice cream order and later she found out that his parents were ministers. He loved God, too. The newlyweds served in her father-in-law’s church until 1978. They learned how to become a missionary and more. In 1983, they started Hills Christian Life Centre. In 1999, the name was changed to Hillsong Church. The enrollment was 45. In Christianity today, 100,000+ attend in almost 20 locations around the world.

God also anointed humanitarian Bobbie Houston with a global missions vision of excellence. Since 1997, she has hosted the annual Color Your World Women Conference or the Color Your World Conference. It was a by-product of the local church Colour Sisterhood Women’s Ministry.

Bobbie Houston aims to gather, equip, and mobilize women of all colors, ages, and walks of life. A Christ-like lifestyle for identifying, pursuing, and living up to kingdom purpose is stressed. For example, Joyce Meyer provided comical but serious tips about When God Doesn’t Pick You.

With the pen of a ready writer, Bobbie Houston wrote I’ll Have What She’s Having: The Ultimate Compliment for any Woman Daring to Change Her World. It is written to help female laity and leaders achieve kingdom success by living so others are attracted to the God-gifts within.

Never be tempted to limit “once upon a time” to fairy tale settings. Once upon a time, you were planned, designed, conceived, and arrived on the planet in perfect timing and purpose of Almighty God.

Your story and your experience are Valuable!_ Bobbie Houston

Your story can make a difference! We hope we have been a source of inspiration for you. Read more Christian articles or listen to great gospel music artist videos by Hillsong. Get a Right Now word, right now! Watch Christian Sunday sermon videos here at

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