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Call to Worship

Answer the Call. God wants to overwhelm you. What is a call to worship? Let’s begin with the word “call.” It can refer to a phone call, an invitation, announcement, or a request. Or, a “God calls”  in which you are called to a specific area of ministry, such as worship.

What is worship as in a call to worship? Worship means to honor. When you reverence or worship Him, you are granted access to the throne room. Worship is relationship-based. Being Spirit-filled is a prerequisite. “Everything and everybody can praise Him, but you need a Holy Ghost download to worship him. Worship is an up-close, and personal intimate connection with God. Kari Jobe says, “Worship is a lifestyle.” Worship is tapping into the passionate love of God. Love on Him everyday, anytime or anywhere. “One Night with the King” will not be enough.  

Call to Worship Examples

Corporately, some services began with a call to worship in its format. It may be a gospel music schedule of pre-selected or spontaneous songs. To some, this is corporate worship. Personally, a call to worship can be the consistent and diligent performance of your Godsent ministry assignment. In 1 Corinthians 10:31, Paul tells us to do all things as unto the glory of God. Your work can be an act of worship. However, worshiping God is not limited to works,  songs, time, or place.

Like a phone or call, a call to worship is also an attention getter. In Psalms 29, a storm in the Mediterranean Sea got David’s attention. “Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.”The  voice of the Lord is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth; the Lord is upon many waters.” (Psalms 29:2-3.) Worship services should be focused to get God’s attention. It is a time set aside to celebrate the awesome love and power of God. As in one of Vicki Yohe’s Christian worship songs “Lord we worship you because of who You are.”

As a worshiper, the call to worship should first be answered, first, in private. It should be constructed to be intimate with God’s before you get within the walls of the church. How will you know you’ve answered the call? It will leave a fire in your heart. You will refuse to keep it to yourself. “It only takes a spark to get a fire burning.” The same thing should happen in a corporate setting. Each one should leave looking and want to reach one person in the harvest fields.

The Woman at the Well

The “Woman at the Well” answered the call to worship. She ran back saying,  “Come and see a Man!  True worship impacts you and those around you. As a result, non-Christians will see the “Man” in you. In Acts 3, the worship lifestyle of Peter and Peter was evident. The lame man looked at them and got his miracle. There is power in the call to worship any way you look at it.

“If I stand and sing “Oceans” with a thousand other people in a church building, but I leave feeling unchanged, with no desire to reach out to my neighbors or spread the Gospel further than my own heart, have I truly worshiped God, or have I simply worshiped an experience?”

_Andrea Lucado

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