The Foundation of Christ’s Teachings

Christianity is based on the life of Christ and His teachings. Christ teaching are the foundation for what we know as Christianity today.  The Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is where you find the teachings in the Bible. And, they contain the events and details about His birth, childhood, ministry, His crucifixion, and Jesus’ resurrection.

Teachings of Christ Using Technology

As a Christian disciple, you can use computer technology to spread teachings of Christ. Now, you can take or send the videos of Jesus’ life and Jesus’ ministry to the four corners of the earth. You have the greatest world evangelism tool, ever. And, you can use your laptop, computer tablet, iphone or mp3.

Computer technology can be used as a kingdom tool to get Jesus’ teaching to the nations before the end times. “Everything came into existence through him. Not one thing that exists was made without him.” John 1:3 (GW) The internet was designed to help make disciples. It was built to carry out the Great Commission and to produce “greater works than these.” Use computer technology for spreading the gospel.

Christian Video Sources

Find Christian video sources with Christian gospel media about Christ teaching. Visit an online broadcasting network. Browse Christian websites and ministry websites. Watch online Christian channels or online Christian TV. Visit online Christian university sites. Browse through online Christian libraries. Look at online Christian study guides. Read online Christian reference books such as online bibles and online bible commentaries. Check out online bible dictionaries and online bible concordances. Use online lexicons and encyclopedias.

Jesus Video Teachings

Download Jesus’ teaching from Christian video resources from all over the world. Watch movie videos and gospel music videos. See sermon videos and sermon clips, or snips. Get the latest in breaking Christian news headlines on online Christian radio broadcasts. Enjoy online Christian radio talk shows. Write or read online Christian blogs. See a live stream of a church or a ministry service on internet TV.

Christian Ministry Videos

Get online Christian ministry videos about Christ teaching. They are great online video tools. Use them in every department of your church or ministry. Use free family Christian movies after a Sunday School lesson. For a pre-missions workshop “How to become a missionary,” use an online Christian powerpoint. Get a live streaming of a Sunday service sermon video or have a mid-week family bible study.

Christian Travel Videos

Download Christian travel videos related to Christ teaching and His life. Video tour the places of Jesus birth, Jesus’ ministry, His death and His resurrection. Later, go on a Christian tour to the Holy Land. Or, go on a missions trip to a third-world country. While traveling, watch and listen to Christian sermons or Christian teachings. Also, watch and listen to online gospel music videos. Select Christian songs about the life and teachings of Jesus. For example, the song “Because He Lives,” is about Jesus’ resurrection.

Christian Art Videos

Online Christian art videos contain Christ teaching. Michelangelo ‘s online gallery contains some sculptures and paintings about the life of Christ. One day someone asked the question “What makes Christianity stronger than other religions? The answer given was based on Michelangelo’s painting, “The Creation of Adam”. Christianity has a God that touches the man He made while allowing man to reach out and touch his God, back. How does one touch God? You touch Him back when you reach out to those you know and don’t know.

Christ teaching is still in a class by itself. His teaching is the greatest of all great teachings in Christianity, today. Jesus never attended a Christian Seminary or Bible college. Even so, He is the Greatest of all great teachers.

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