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Christian Marketing

At, Christian marketing is more than just creating a video and uploading it to a video hosting platform. That’s why our professional team of developers created a global Christian broadcasting network that sets the standard for excellence. It encompasses a network of channels with categories in a safe family environment. Your personal business video on demand page is placed in a relevant category that pertains to your market which makes your Christian video on demand more accessible to viewers on our Christian network.

All you have to do is upload your videos!

Our Christian video management solution for your business provides professional services needed for your success when it comes to editing your videos or creating video intros and video exits. And, your business video post page comes with an HTML5 video player and uses MP4 format files to deliver video content for the best viewing experience, especially when being viewed on mobile devices. And this is very important since video is becoming the most searched content on the Internet. Our video management team takes care of all the technical components making it as easy as possible for you and your business. All you have to do is upload your videos.

Video on Demand Streaming

Christian marketing with video-on-demand streaming allows your viewers to get to know who you are and what your business is all about. This creates trust between viewers and your business. Social media plays a big part today when it comes to Christian marketing. Your business page includes social media share buttons so that your viewers have the opportunity to share your video content and articles with their friends. This helps with branding and promoting your business.

Marketing With Content

Article writing services, press release creation and distribution goes hand-in-hand with video content. Although a lot of people love to watch video, written content is crucial when it comes to Christian marketing, especially with the search engines. Christian marketing with articles lets the search engines know what and who your specific and relevant market is. Our article writing team uses proven keyword strategies and marketing techniques when they write for your business. Christian marketing with press releases announce upcoming business or church events, conferences or special and celebrated happenings to the whole world!

Online Video Broadcasting

Because we are a Christian online video broadcasting network, your videos can be featured within our network of channels along with your banner ads, popup ads and video ad options. Our Christian marketing team promotes’s network through social media, uses on-page SEO with written articles and understands as well as incorporates the power of paid advertising for a diverse and full circle marketing strategy for our Christian broadcasting network.

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Gail is a born-again Christian and an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of her favorite things to do besides ministry are to work in her garden, go biking, walking and fishing.
Gail is also an entrepreneur and has years of experience in SEO, article and content writing, and social media marketing.
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