Christian Movie The Ride

Come on! Admit it, you love to watch good Christian movies about cowboys. This Christian movie The Ride is great for the whole family to watch. While watching, the Christian movie the Ride, you will witness how amazingly God’s love can transform us into someone who He can use to bless, encourage and inspire others. It can inspire children to face adversity, no matter what is in front of them. It can also teach that doing your own thing, your own way, is not always the best decision as Smoky did.

Making Right Choices

The main character, Smoky Banks, has been a champion, bull riding rodeo star. Way past his time to give it up, Smoky still tries to hang on to the dream of The Ride. Prone to drinking and getting into fights, Smoky ends up in jail. A young man, named Brock, who has followed Smoky while growing up, convinces the sheriff to let Smoky work off his time at the ranch. But Smoky doesn’t like children and doesn’t believe in God. Therefore, he is reluctant to accept the offer to pay his debt at the ranch for orphans and challenged children. The Christian movie The Ride demonstrates that what we want isn’t always the right choice.

As time passes, Smoky settles in a bit and is drawn to Brock. He is eager to learn how to conquer the ride on the unforgiving bull. Smoky concedes but realizes that there is something different about this young man. He learns that Brock has cancer but doesn’t want to show him any pity. Smoky begins to realize Brock’s faith in God even though he is dying.

Smoky doesn’t know it, but God is using Brock to bring him to Jesus.

God Has a Plan

Brock contrived a game of cards to get Smoky to agree to go to church after the rodeo. He agrees and loses to Brock. He finally made it to the chapel service but left shortly after. Smoky has a hard time dealing with his emotions about Brock and God. During the Christian movie the Ride, you know that God has a plan for Smoky. We all have gifts that He has given us. We just have to have faith and trust God to show us what they are.

The Christian movie, The Ride is one of my favorite. It will make you laugh and cry. You can watch, The Ride movie, for free right here at The Ride movie was made available by the Billy Graham Association.

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