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Christian Movies List 2017

Here is a Christian movies list 2017 released in theaters. Most or all are now available for viewing on DVD. What does it mean when films are classified as Christian movies? Does it mean that the producers, directors, actors, and distributors are Christian themselves? Does it mean that it focuses primarily on a Biblical topic?

Best Christian movies list 2017

Redemption Road: Two childhood friends are reunited through a hospice network, and begin a relationship based on questions surrounding death and going to Heaven.

The Case for Christ: This is the true story of apologist Lee Strobel’s journey to understanding the Bible as more than mythology, or a historical account.

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise: Christian music mega-group Hillsong United explains how they approach stardom, and how to faithfully communicate the Bible through pop music.

Risen: Judea, a Roman tribune, must find the missing body of a Jew who caused a rift in the empire. He is changed forever after finding out the truth behind the search. Christian storyline, not all biblical based.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone: An actor returns to his hometown and takes on the role of Jesus in a community play. He learns the meaning of the gospel by adopting a role that powerfully changes his outlook on life and relationships.

2017 was a great year for Christian movies both at the box office and in overall production success. It’s good that Christian movie-makers are finding a balance between amazing visual and sound effects. Along with the power of a Biblical message realized on the screen.

Christian Movies with Biblical Truths

The Ten Commandments (1956), was cited for several Biblical inconsistencies but, could be considered Christian. The movie adhered to the Moses narrative, but was produced in a secular mainstream studio. It’s obvious, however, that this movie has elements that stray from the core objectives of Christian artistic communication. On the other hand, The Ten Commandments miniseries, produced in 2006, expands more on the scriptures.

Finding biblical, family-friendly Christian movies can be tough. Unlike past film projects, modern Christian films are now being produced with fairly large budgets. They also take advantage of the same social media and advertising tools as mainstream studios. The Book of Daniel movie (2013), is an example of such a project.

The theme for Best Christian Movies

Trust between film promoters and viewers is essential when it comes to finding the best Christian movies. The aforementioned sources dedicate incredible resources to helping people find wholesome and safe films. Even with great streaming video on demand sources for the best Christian videos, people still want to know what makes a film uniquely Christian. Here are a few qualifiers.

  •  The film’s script and screenplay should be written with the input of reputable Christian scholars, teachers, apologists, and educators.
  •  The central theme of the film should focus on Christ-centered solutions to everyday problems.
  •  The purpose of the film project should be to further the influence and universality of stories and truths found in the Bible.
  •  Ratings are important, but not always an indication of the quality of the film. The Passion of the Christ (2004), was Biblical, but not appropriate for all audiences because of graphic scenes. The Book of Acts displays the truth through scripture throughout the entire movie.
  •  Backed directly with principles found in the Bible. It should promote family and social values.
  •  Christian films can pass layman viewer tests. If one Christian sees a film and is moved to recommend it to others, it probably has a strong and accurate message.

Mentioned above are just a few on the Christian movies list 2017.

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