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Have you asked yourself lately on how to get someone’s attention? Check this out. How about a short film or inspirational video! Some of the best inspirational Christian videos are Christian short films. They can get a powerful message across, like sermon videos in as little as seven minutes. And, short films are great for our youth. Attention span for some children can be shorter.  But, even though they are always on the go, encouraging or inspiring them with that positive message could be a great help.

Here at Kingdoms Network we provide a variety of Christian videos. Since we are a Christian broadcasting network, setting the example for our youth in Christ and adults is a priority. We encourage Christian entrepreneurs to seek their calling and gifts from God.

Short Films

Christian short films can be used as a catalyst. And guess what? They can bring a positive change to someone’s attitude or circumstance. And a lot of the Christian films online are performed by young Christian teens. They are expressing their gift from God through Christian short films. Does this sound like you?

Share the Word of God

Visiting a Christian film festival can provide an opportunity to see how some Christian writers and movie producers are paving the way. To find out how they got started, ask them for some tips for networking in the industry.

films like these make you appreciate freedom and opportunities

One of the best Christian films I have ever watched is about the Kimyal tribe in Papua, Indonesia. In fact, it touched my heart to the core. The people had never read the Holy bible in their language and were blessed with a shipment. You can see how moved and touched the whole tribe was. Watch it now at Godsent.tv, one of many channels on KNCB.org. Films like these make us appreciate the freedom and opportunities we have while living in America.

Short Christian Films

Furthermore, check out Kingdoms Network Christian movie list for some of the top films available. Some are longer than others so take a few minutes to read the Christian movie reviews. Then choose which one you and your family would enjoy the most. Christian movies are always free to watch on our network.

Exodus Movie

Although the Exodus movie is not a Christian short film, watch it when you get a chance. The movie really explains how God’s people were in bondage and how Moses was their deliverer. We must know that God is our Father and that He loves us. Surely, God is our provider and can bring us out of any situation. For this reason, we just have to let go, and let God.

Maybe you, your son or daughter is gifted in creating Christian short films. I say, “do what Peter did.” Get out of the boat, walk on that water and keep your eyes on Jesus. Get some great ideas from members in the Community, here at KNCB.org. All you have to do is register!

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