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Christian Social Media

Did you know that Christian social media is a great way to make connections and reach the lost? Giving your heart to Jesus and coming to know Christ is the most important thing in anyone’s life! Once this transformation has taken place, it is time to let go of the mainstream and begin your journey. Just think of all the benefits of joining a community and creating your own group within a Christian social media network online! You will be able to chat and pray with other people who have given their hearts to Jesus. And you can even gain some valuable business knowledge.

With KNCB’s Christian social media network online, you can learn how to grow as a Christian through video on demand sermons and sermon audios. Or, you could start watching some free Christian movies. And you know what? Biblically based movies can give a better understanding of the scriptures as you begin reading your bible and studying the word of God.

Christian Social Media Online

But one thing’s for sure. It’s easy for a young Christian to avoid worldly activities when seeking fellowship within a Christian community. A Christian social media network attracts people who are searching for the truth. Inspiration and encouragement. But you know what else? Finding a Christian social media network and Christian group online is the first step to finding like-minded people. The point? provides a Christian social media network online where churches and businesses can express their love for Jesus.

Christian Social Network

At, you will find several groups within the HUB of our Christian social media network. Groups that stretch throughout the world. If you have a found a church home, inform your Pastor about the Christian community at Share the information about creating a group page where all the church members can register and then join the Church group. What makes this so special? Well, the Internet is a great place to convert lost souls. With so much negative information on the Internet, we as Christians, have to reach children, young adults and even the middle-aged. We have to be the example and share the love of Jesus Christ. Be the light, and show them the way.

Christian Community

Let’s go one step further and discuss not only socializing within a Christian community but doing business with God-fearing professionals too. Let’s dig a little deeper. It is easy to find great strategies and supplies through Christian businesses and sites online. But, networking within a Christian community has its advantages and benefits you. It also helps to further the Kingdom of God. By supporting other Christian businesses, the work for the Lord’s Kingdom can be accomplished faster. But you know what else? Standing together as one body gives us strength.

Rom 12:5 so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

Put yourself in a Christian network and community that puts God ahead of all else. Place a high priority on fellowship with other Christians. Strengthen and further your walk with the Lord by joining our community, a Christian social media network. At, you can begin a new adventure and blaze a trail that is pleasing to the Lord.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Create Your Church Group

Want to see how it works right now? First of all, start today by registering at If you have a small to medium church, create your group page and invite your members to register as well. Then, invite them to join your church group page. Church leadership can also take advantage of our free vendor store. (3 products max) An MP3 player that comes with 5GB storage is also available for $40 per month.

There are many upgrade options available for your group page. Here are the details:

  • Sharing of documents and upload of church flyers about conferences and special events
  • Video on demand upload and a player with 40GB of storage
  • Free “vendor store” with up to 3 product uploads
  • Accept Donations payable through PayPal’s safe payment gateway
  • An “about us” page
  • A “contact” page

All in all, this can be done within your group page for $150 per month! Large churches can contacts our sales team for custom pricing on storage and bandwidth. All accounts will be on a recurring basis. In short, there is no other Christian community or network online that offers all this and more. And, we have a place where you can market your Christian books online for free!. So, go ahead!

See more information on how to Upload Your MP4 Video on Demand Sermons to KNCB or how to Upload Your MP3 Audio Sermons to KNCB. If you have a large church, contact us by email or call 910-599-3700 for custom pricing packages.

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