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So you might ask yourself “what is Christianity today and what does it mean?” Well, a Christian is a person that has come to the knowledge and belief that God is actually real. He has had an experience with God. They believe that He is not just a thing that people choose to believe. Christianity today is not just about religion. Our God is not religious, He is Holy. It is having the love of Jesus in your heart. Jesus loves you. Believing that God is the author and finisher of our faith. Regarding Jesus’ teachings as the way to live. That Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born. That He died for our sins. And, through Jesus’ resurrection that He rose again. Not just claiming the faith, but living each day with a Kingdom mindset.

Christian Beliefs

Christian beliefs go way, way, back to the days when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was in the flesh as man. We all know the story from reading the Gospel of Jesus in the Bible and that He traveled the streets and villages around Jerusalem. A true Christian is conscious of “repenting,” and actually turning away from those things that are not pleasing to our Father in Heaven. It is when we seek, trust, and believe with all our hearts, our souls, and our strength that Jesus is truly the Son of God. Learn how Jesus’s Mother Mary was visited by the Spirit of God. That Jesus Second Coming will happen one day. If you are new to Christ, visit our free Christian movies channel. Watch the Jesus Christ movie for yourself. See the supernatural results of His miracles when Jesus raises Lazarus

Christian Persecution

Christian persecution is still very real in some countries around the world. Christians today who believe in Jesus Christ are being killed because of their faith. And, it is growing quickly among our brothers and sisters in Christ today. No one knows when Jesus will return, but the signs on the earth are a clear warning that time is running short. Did you know the fish is one of the earliest symbols that believers used as a symbol of Christianity? It was used to convey or identify themselves during times of persecution to other Christians. Many Christians today still display the fish symbol on their cars and websites.

There are many Christian videos available to watch online that can give you a better understanding of what being a Christian is all about. We are all given a different walk according to God’s plans. He gives us spiritual gifts when we confess in our hearts that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. And, these gifts will help you accomplish what God has predestined you to accomplish while on Earth.  Become a part of our growing online Christian community when you register. Also, find out more about how your ministry or church can submit missionary stories to today at:

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