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The Kinnor Harp

When I see or hear the word “harp,” I am reminded of the David harp, played by the anointed King of Israel. He is a skilled warrior who wrote beautiful psalms or Christian songs. What kind of harp was the King Davids harp?

Called a lap harp, psaltery and lyre by some, the David harp was called the “Kinnor.” It’s name is taken from a Hebrew name referring to one of Jesus’ preaching platforms, “Kinneret” or the Sea of Galilee. Genesis Chapter 4 verse 21, makes reference to this stringed instrument.

The string is made from the twisted gut, or small intestine of a sheep. It is designed to accompany the voice. Most kinnor harps have 10 to 12 strings. Whereas, temple regulations limited them to nine strings. They are tuned to a biblical scale of 10 notes. Played with one hand, it has 5 basic parts. It has a yoke, two arms, a soundboard and strings.

built from the finest musical hardwoods

Kinnor David harps are built from the finest musical hardwoods located in nearby forests of Jerusalem from around the world. Values range from at least $200 to $6,000, depending on the seller.

The Kinnor harp had several uses. Most importantly, since David’s reign was symbolic of worship, and was used for music during sanctuary worship. Also, they were used for prophetic words.

David and His Harp

The harp was also used in what we know today as spiritual warfare. Referenced in the free online Christian movie King David,” Saul needed relief from a bad mood, or an evil spirit sent by God. David played for him. Tasha Cobbs is a Stellar Award Gospel singer on Christian broadcasting networks. Listen to her on Christian radio all over the world, “There is Power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.”

Want to get an idea of how the Kinnor David harp really, looked? Visit online Christian travel website with tours to the Holy Land. You’ll see sites relative to the David harp located in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Also, visit places such as the House of Harari where Levites made David harps.

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