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King Ahasuerus or King Xerxes as he is known by some, was the king of Persia and the Ester movie represents this time. The Esther movie begins as the King was holding a very lavish banquet for all his dignitaries. He orders queen Vashti to attend the banquet on the last day because he wants to display her beauty. But, she refuses. Not even the queen can refuse or go against the order of the King. Queen Vashti was banished and sent away.

Now the King, as you will see in during the Esther movie, needs a new queen and all the fair maidens were brought to the palace. One of the young women was a Jewish orphan girl, named Esther. After her parents died and she was raised by her cousin, Mordecai. Because Queen Vashti was no longer in the palace, the King sought out a new queen. The local young ladies that were unmarried were forced to present themselves as a result. In short, the King took notice of Ester and made her queen.

Esther and Mordecai

Esther’s cousin Mordecai overheard a plot to assassinate the King of Persia shortly after she was crowned queen. This you will see as the Esther movie continues. They were put to death after it was brought to the attention of the King. Now, Mordecai has favor with the King. The King appoints a new prime minister named Haman. He does not like Mordecai because he refuses to bow down to him. Haman discovers that Mordecai is Jewish and sets a plan in motion to kill Mordecai and all the Jews in the empire. Furthermore, you will see that Esther is Godsent as a deliver for His people. Just like in the Moses movie and how God used Jacob as seen in the Jacob movie.

This is when things get heated up in the Esther movie.  Esther knows she has to have faith that God will protect her. She has to approache the King to tell him of the plot. Gods promises are real. He is our Father, protector, provider and deliverer. Unfortunately, not even the Queen could approach the King unless summoned. They could be killed for doing so. She instructs her cousin Mordecai that the Jews should fast for three days. And they did.

Queen Esther arranges a feast and invites Haman. Haman’s plot is uncovered and is hanged from the very gallows that he had already prepared for Mordecai.

Book of Esther Movie

You just have to watch the Esther movie for yourself. She was willing to lay her life down for the Jewish people, God’s chosen. We have other Christian movies about women of the bible and one of my favorites is the Book of Ruth movie. These women were steadfast in their beliefs in God. Our global Christian television network has added some of the best Christian videos at our Christian movies channel. Be sure to check them out for a Friday night family get together.

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