8624Church Announcements Online Services

Why not announce your church conferences and events on a local and national level. (KNCB) Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting can do just that, for you.Receive from 750 to 1000 views a day of your event at a great low price. Starting at $20 Contact Sales


  • 1 Day   750 To  1000  Impression Views  $20
  • 2 Days  1500  To 1750  Impression Views  $40
  • 3 Days  2250 To 2500  Impression Views  $60
  • 4  Days  3000 T0 3250  Impression Views  $80
  • 5 Days  3750  To  4000   Impression Views  $100
  • 6 Days  4500 To  4750   Impression Views  $120
  • 7  Days  5250 To 5500   Impression Views  $140
  •  14 Days  10500 To  11000  Impression Views  $280
  • 30 Days  21000  To 22000  Impression Views  $560

Does your church or ministry have an announcement about a leaders conference, new or annual event, or outreach missions opportunity? Church announcements online services are designed to assist you in promoting your ministry event on our network. Oftentimes we wait until the last minute to get the word out. By then, it’s too late! Giving the church announcements at the end of service can go unheard or missed if attendance is not 100%. Give your prospective audience a “heads up” at least a couple of weeks in advance. Check out what’s going on with church conferences right now!

Some people may need to make arrangements for childcare ahead of time or have other things scheduled as well. At KNCB.org, our church announcements online services can help reach and remind your members, as well as others who might be interested in attending.

Make sure your church announcement is clear to convey the event and make it a personal invitation. Include correct contact information, address and phone number for those who may want to volunteer their time and services. Take your time when creating your announcement banner to be the best it can be. And best of all, our church announcements online services are only 2 cents a view! Denominations such as Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist and even non-denominational churches can make their church conference and event announcements available online at KNCB.org.

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