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Christian Groups Online

It is essential, now more than ever, that Christians come together. And, you can do this through faith-based Christian groups online. Your church, a Christian business, and/or neighborhood can come together for intercessory prayer during the end times. It’s the perfect place! You can create a free faith-based Christian group online, here at the KNCB Community.

Faith-Based Christian Groups Online

Use your personal computer or smartphone to create your faith-based Christian groups online. Simply Register at the community on, Next, create your own personal profile. A personal profile is required in order to create a group. Our friendly Christian community is where you can fellowship with others from around the world! Oh, did we mention that you can enjoy all the different venues on the Network? Such as:

  • Live streaming
  • Video on demand
  • Shopping
  • Cooking Shows
  • News and events
  • Sermons and worship on MP3
  • Travel
  • Free Christian Movies
  • Short inspirational video clips
  • Christian Channels
  • Vendor online stores

Read informative and interesting articles or watch a video about: 

Connect Globally

Guess what? is an online community just like that. It is open to nations across the globe to connect and further God’s Kingdom. Realize the possibilities with faith-based Christian groups online.

  • A community joining forces with like-minded people.
  • Coming together as one with those on every continent of the world.
  • To change hearts and minds.

Create Your Own Group

Register yourself within the community and create a personal profile. If your church has created a group, join it! If not, inform your Pastor about the Christian community and faith-based Christian groups at Offer to help and encourage the church members to become a part.

Stream Your Church “LIVE!”

“Live stream” at  We offer your own personal “live streaming” video player along with a video on demand. An MP3 list where worship or pre-recorded sermons can be enjoyed and listened to by group members, 24 -7! List products, such as CD’s or books on your group or personal profile page as well. Let your Church group know about any upcoming events or conferences by uploading your flyer banner. And, KNCB has made it easy to receive donations through a safe payment gateway with Paypal.

Group Page and Personal Profile Custom Upgrades

  • Live streaming video player
  • VOD player
  • MP3 list
  • Product/services listings
  • Flyer Banner upload
  • Sharing of documents to the whole group
  • Donations payment gateway through PayPal

For more information on Christian video management or live streaming services, contact our sales department today.

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