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As a ministry leader, it is very important that you know how to prepare sermons for kids so that they understand. The future of your church, or ministry may be in their hands. Here are some great ideas on how to prepare sermons for kids.

Preparing Sermons For Kids

The internet is one of the greatest place to search for ideas on how to prepare sermons for kids.  Try searching the keyphrase “Sunday school for kids.”  Or, search for free lessons and under “bible stories for children.” Also, you can look for videos, outlines, and other resources.

Sunday School for Kids

Consider abilities when you plan for children’s ministry. Each child is one of a kind and each child learns differently. Choose Sunday School  lessons or stories from the Bible. Keep in mind that some children can read words. And, others can only tell you about the pictures.

How to Prepare Sermons for Kids

Remember to bring your sermons to life when preparing. Provide real life illustrations when presenting your sermon. It’s a good idea to get your students point out the likenesses and the differences of things in your sermons. This helps them to see their daily life such as family, school, church, food, computers, games, sports, toys and more.

Children’s Ministry

Make the time, a fun time! When preparing sermons for kids, think about things children like to do. For example, children love to play games and listen to music. And, they love to eat. Create or find songs, snacks and other things related to the sermon lesson that you and the children can enjoy doing together.

Bible Stories for Kids

Help your students stay focused during your sermon delivery. Time your children’s ministry message. And, keep the sermons short. They should be able to stay focused for five to ten minutes . Afterwards, introduce some fun activities based on the sermon your prepared that you took from a bible story. 

Youth Sermons

Youth sermons contain the seeds for the future leadership of your church or ministry. And, sermons are the seeds that you sow into their lives. What you sow now, as well as how you sow it, will show up in the years to come. So, aim to make what they see and hear in your children’s sermons a positive and unforgettable life experience. Also, short, yet powerful, sermon audio can be played during quiet time to help inspire and sow valuable seeds.

Plese feel free to share any sermon ideas or testimonies about how you prepare sermons for kids. 

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