Writing Christian Poems

Writing Christian Poems

So what are Christian poems anyway? Well, a poem itself is self-expression from the artist that has rhyme and is condensed by using shorter sentences such as ballads and sonnets. Christian poems or poetry that contain certain words could be classified as Christian. Maybe you are inspired to write one about the birth of Jesus!

Some great ideas or topics for writing Christian poems might include:

Christian Poems by Children

I love to read poems by children. They are sometimes funny or serious, a spiritual poem or a friendship poem. Poems by children express their innocence and their true feelings. Here is a short poem I like very much by Nadya Phillips that we can all relate to.  I think you will like this short poem on nature as well.

Peace is…
When you are outside on a nice warm day.
With a cold glass of yellow lemonade.
Slurp, Slurp, Slurp.
Feeling the warm sun on my back.
Rubbing my hands through the wet green grass.
Listening to the birds singing a distance away.
Now that’s PEACE!

Peace And Quiet

© Nadya Phillips

November 5, 2014

Christian Writer

Kids love to read and encouraging them to write short inspirational poems would help them to express their thoughts, their understanding, and their love for Jesus Christ. Poems by children inspire other children to develop their writing skills. This gift from God is a great topic to explore with the youth for Christ. Here is a great short classic poem about children that encourages our youth for Christ.

Good Enough

God wants me to be myself
For He created me this way,
And since God made me who I am,
Myself I’m quite content to stay.

In His eyes I’m good enough –
It matters not what others say;
I need not act as if I’m tough
Or copy other children’s ways.

God doesn’t care if I’m not cool –
If I’m not stronger; thinner;
In His hands I am a tool
To reach out to another sinner.

Though I am still young and small
In Jesus Christ I’m strong and tall;
So when people look at me
May it be God’s own Son they see.

© Belinda van Rensburgs

Christian Wedding Poem

Christian wedding poem is another great topic for Christian poems or poetry. When someone creates a special poem for that special and memorable day, they will be able to cherish it always. It is a gift not only from our creator but from our hearts.  Here is a lovely wedding poem by author M.S. Lowndes

Jesus is the one
We build our lives upon,
There can be no other
Foundation that is strong
And if we look to Him
In times of joy and grief,
He will answer all our needs
And give eternal peace. © By M.S.Lowndes.

How about a “Christian Poetry” night?

Christian Entertainment

Christian poems and poetry can also make for some great Christian entertainment. How about a “Christian Poetry” night? Maybe, one for adults and one for children. This gives those that are gifted in writing a venue to display and share what God has placed on their hearts.  Family and friends get to enjoy a night or afternoon fellow-shipping with other Christians. This is also a great time to capture their speaking debut on video.  It can also be published and broadcast on a Christian broadcasting network to the world. This could be the beginning of a great Christian writer of poems and Christian books. Furthermore, Christian authors are always looking for a special something to include in their books. And, it could be one of your Christian poems!

One of my favorite Christian poems is by author Annie Johnson Flint.

“Behold, I Come”

“Behold, I come”—the darkness lightens
Above all sorrow and all fear;
Beyond the clouds the Daystar brightens,
And our deliverance is near;
The groaning earth awaits the hour
When all the wrongs of time are past,
And clothed with glory and with power,
The King of kings shall reign at last.

©—Annie Johnson Flint

These are just a few ideas on some topics. What ideas and topics can you come up with? Leave a comment and let’s come up with some great ideas together!

Be Blessed

©Minister G Walls – All Rights Reserved

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