Jeremiah 1 and 10 root out and build up

This is a search engine in Europe that supports
bad content, “PORN.” You can see that when
Two sites show up under these search terms.

The goal of the Kingdom of Satan here is to convert Christians
to porn or to have those who have been delivered from porn, fall
back to it.

So it’s all about planting “seeds” by way of the internet. Christian souls
are lost by these tactics and the enemy knows where to plant the seeds of corruption under Christian search terms.

KNCB.ORG ranks number one for “FREE CHRISTIAN MOVIES and OLD CHRISTIAN MOVIES” within (seznam cz)

It’s so important to get in a position by way of the internet. Our vision and mission are to root out, plant, and build up. Jeremiah 1:10

I pray that you do more than just watch this video. Contact KNCB.ORG and ask us how you can help us reach out even greater.

Proverbs 11:30  The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and
he that winneth souls are wise.

Apostle Sheraton Walls

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