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Jerusalem Is Recognized

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has formally declared Jerusalem recognized by the United States. Instead of Tel Aviv, Israel’s national capital. People are revisiting the “Book of Revelation” and are having Sunday school lessons about the signs of the end times.  They are refocusing their personal positions on the conflicts in the Middle East. And, wondering how this move matters in the scope of modern world events.

President Trump made this declaration largely as a promise-keeping maneuver to his conservative base. The truth is that the largely Christian conservative base is very much aware of the significance. Especially since Jerusalem plays in the realm of Biblical prophecy. The emergence of a New Jerusalem is incredibly important for many people groups throughout the globe. Whether it is as an end-times allegorical monument or a pertinent player in modern world events.

Capital of Israel

If Jerusalem is recognized as a Jewish capital, it will alienate many non-Jewish people from their beliefs. Notably, the city is a living symbol and center of multiculturalism. Jerusalem is recognized for having the largest Western economic and military power as Israeli territory. It now provides the fuel for rancor and resentment in Arabic and Muslim communities. And, the eventuality of Jerusalem being officially associated with the Jewish state. However, it is something that all Middle Eastern groups understand. Especially being important to events surrounding the details of the end times.

It’s certainly in the minds of many Christians that intercessory prayer was powerful in turning the outcome of last year’s American presidential election. The winner of that election, Donald Trump, is now answering the silent referendums that accompanied his win. 

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, issued this statement on social media concerning President Trump’s declaration.

“There are major moments in the history of Zionism: the Balfour Declaration, the founding of the state, the liberation of Jerusalem, and Trump’s announcement yesterday…”

Still, millions are wondering about the bottom line concerning this twist in the relationship between the United States and Israel.

Israel is the only truly democratic state in the Middle East. It is being threatened militarily and culturally by almost every other state in that region. Under previous presidential administrations, the United States has been hesitant to show favor toward Israel. Expressly for fear of upsetting other nations. The current president, his administration, and a percentage of the American population see Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

US Sides with Israel

Officially, nothing has changed except titles on important pieces of paper. Symbolically, the largest superpower on the planet has sided with the Jewish state on all matters. Such as territory disputes, Semitic heritage, and the unfolding of prophetic events.

Israel is favored by the Creator of the Universe Himself. Any nation that aligns itself with Israel has also experienced this favor. President Trump’s declaration has enraged every anti-Israel entity in the Middle East. But it formally boosts the United State’s desire for intimate association with the righteous side of history.

Already, antisemitic groups throughout the world have indicated that strong opposition will occur. Why? because Jerusalem is recognized by the U.S. as Israel’s capital.  Fervent intercessory prayer to God is a powerful tool against this hatred. Specifically concerning the safety of the people of Jerusalem. President Trump’s move to bring America closer to Israel was a timely and incredibly wise decision.

Now is the time for believers in Christ to pray fervently for our families. And, for all nations and the world. Add names to the prayer list at KNCB for salvation and healing. Visit our Christian community to register and start your own group. We should all make an effort to get the job done that the Lord has given us. The world needs our help in a mighty way.

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