Jesus Miracles

How about a brief biblical history walk through Jesus ministry miracles in the New Testament?

Jesus miracles fit into four categories:

  1. Faith healings.
  2. Resurrection is power over life and death.
  3. Power over the demonic.
  4. Demonstrated power over nature.

Miracles of Jesus

Jesus’ miracles demonstrated His mighty power over sickness and disease. There are several instances of faith healing or creative miracles under Jesus’ ministry. Lepers were cleansed and the blind could see again. And, some were able to see for the first time in their life! Paralytics walked and fevers left. Blood issues dried up and deaf ears were opened. Heart conditions, such as edema left and infirmities disappeared. Another miracle was the replacement of an ear that had been cut off by His disciple, Simon Peter.

In addition, Jesus’ miracles ministry demonstrated his power over life and death. There are three accounts of Jesus raising the dead.

  • He raised the daughter of Jairus. Jesus used the famous words, “Talitha Cumi,” “Little girl, I say to you, arise.”
  • Next, a widow from Nain was about to bury her son. Jesus told him to get up and he did.
  • Finally, Jesus’ friend Lazarus was called forth from his burial tomb and brought back to life.

Deliverance From Evil

Furthermore, Jesus’ miracles included supernatural power over the demonic. At least seven people experienced deliverance from evil spirits. Jesus used his power to deliver a man with “legions” of demons. That’s 6000 demons! Also, the daughter of a Canaanite woman who was demon-possessed was set free. Not to mention, Jesus cast an epileptic demon out of a boy. And, Mary Magdalene was freed from seven devils. She was the witness to the resurrection of Jesus. In fact, demonic spirits were also cast out of the blind and the mute.

Supernatural Miracles

Jesus’ miracles ministry also had the power over nature. How? Jesus walked on water. And, He turned water into wine at a wedding. This was the first miracle He performed.  A raging storm was calmed before His fearful disciples and Jesus fed thousands with a small amount of food. Jesus spoke death to a fig tree and it was dead the next day. One day the disciples needed money so Jesus told them to look in the mouth of a fish. In it was a single silver coin, enough to pay the tax for himself and Peter. In the New Testament, read how Jesus’ body became miraculously glorified.

Jesus Talks with the Prophets Moses and Elijah

17 Six days later, Jesus took Peter, James, and John, the brother of James, up on a high mountain by themselves. 2 While they watched, Jesus’ appearance was changed; his face became bright like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. 3 Then Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with Jesus.

Ministry of Jesus

The miracle ministry of Jesus Christ included everyone. Men, women, boys, and girls from every walk of life. Jesus ministered to the very rich to the very poor. He shared His gift of “wholeness” with everyone. Thank God for Jesus’ birth, Jesus death, and Jesus resurrection. As a result, we still have life-changing supernatural events today.

Jesus’ birth was miraculous itself. Why? Because Jesus was conceived in His mother’s womb by the Holy Ghost. Her name was Mary and her husband’s name was Joseph. Jesus’ death and Resurrection was also a miracle. Because He lives, we as Christians who believe, have access to His miracle of eternal salvation. However, we have to trust in God. Why? Because the signs of the end times are upon us.

Have you experienced any miracles lately? Share your personal testimony with us and how the miracles of Jesus have affected your life. Watch the Jesus Christ movie and many other free Christian movies online at 

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