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The King David movie is one of the best family Christian movies about God’s chosen. Watch the story unfold and take note that rebellion not only pertains to King Saul but King David as well. Read about the events that happen during the King David movie in your bible for more understanding.

King David was a man that feared God. The King David movie is about the first and second book of Samuel in the Holy Bible. Samuel, who was God’s prophet, was born to Hannah and Elkanah. And the people wanted a King to judge them like all the other nations. So Samuel prayed to God for a king for the people. There would be consequences for choosing a King. Furthermore, you can read all about them in the 1st and 2nd book of Samuel.

In this Christian film, the Lord spoke to Samuel and told him who would be King. And, his name was Saul. In the King David movie, you will see how King Saul was very disobedient towards God and the Prophet Samuel. So, God decided that Saul would no longer be King over His people. He instructed Prophet Samuel to go to Bethlehem where he would find the new King, David.

David and Goliath

God had stripped Saul of the Kingdom because of his rebellion. And God cursed Saul with an evil spirit that troubled him greatly. He heard that David, a shepherd boy, could play the harp. King Saul summoned him to play for him. The harp soothed his spirit. David was very small in stature and was very handsome. He was the eighth son of Jesse who wrote Christian poems of love to the Lord and excelled in playing the harp. David was after God’s heart. But David was not just a shepherd boy, he had fought and killed a bear and a lion.  As the days went on, the Philistines fought God’s people. They were giants, and one, in particular, was called Goliath.

To make a long story short, David slew the giant Goliath with his slingshot and delivered his head to Saul. The people adored David and Saul made him the head over all the soldiers. In time, Saul came to hate David because of his jealousy and wanted him dead. He plotted and planned and even used the marriage to his daughter to try and trap him. But, it didn’t work.

There is so much that goes on during the life and trials of King David. Watch this awesome, true to scripture, Christian movie. This is just my movie review and intro! I don’t want to tell you all the details of betrayal within his family. And even from King David himself. The King David movie will show the everlasting mercies of God.

Sunday Sermon Videos

The King David movie makes a great Sunday sermon video. In fact, there are many sermon videos that can be taught and recorded using the book of Samuel. Another Christian video I recommend is the Exodus movie. You will see how God loves us so much that He gives us more time than we deserve to get it right. His forgiveness is always there.

Watch more Christian videos and Christian sermons right here at Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting. Enjoy the show and leave a comment on any thoughts about the movie and his life.

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