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Solomon, King David’s son, was the wisest and wealthiest king ever to live. King Solomon sermon audios help explain why his dynasty did not last. Some of the most significant testimonies of the favor and forgiveness of God in the holy lands of Jerusalem rest with the lives of the anointed King David and King Solomon.

The King Solomon sermon audios expose how easy it is to get caught up in sin. Regardless of how upright you try and walk with the Lord. The end-result was genuine repentance and forgiveness. Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba, becomes one of the most favored and renowned rulers of the Jewish nation.

The Favor of King Solomon

King David was considered a “man after God’s own heart.” The anointing of kingship went to Solomon at the passing of his father. While in a dream, God told Solomon to ask anything of him. To the delight of God, he asked for wisdom to rule the people justly. God granted this request and poured favor on Solomon. Stories of Solomon’s wisdom and wealth circulated throughout the world. Although it was in King David’s heart to build God a temple, it was King Solomon’s Temple that would house the ark of the covenant. The King Solomon sermon audios demonstrate the favor that God showed the offspring of David.


No personal biblical library is complete without a copy of two of the best Christian movies, King David and King Solomon. It is a real lesson in why the favor of God has to be backed up with continued obedience. The King Solomon sermon audios reveal the rest of the story. King Solomon had everything. Nevertheless, he fell into pagan idol worship with his numerous wives. Queen of Sheba, whom King Solomon had a child with, ruled the only kingdom on Earth not subject to King Solomon. Scripture about the Ten Commandments says that

Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

It shows that God is gracious and forgiving, but has very little tolerance for disobedience. Placing too much value on pleasing the senses and earthly pursuits can cost you eternity with God. It is a high price to pay.

Listening to the King Solomon sermon audios serves us a reminder. That every God-loving individual that blessings and favor cannot be repaid using dishonor and disobedience. He loves to reward his children with good things. But, it can quickly disappear by falling into disbelief and disobedience. In the end, Solomon would have traded all the riches in the world to enjoy the favor and delight of God once again.

King Solomon’s life makes for a number of great topics for sermon audios online. Christian leadership can record many bible sermon videos for Christian youth concerning eternal salvation while using King Solomon as an example. Trusting God and being obedient to His word will surely give you peace and the knowledge on how to live your life for Him.

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