Winston-Salem Church Conferences and Events

What a great city to host a church conference! As of 2018, Winston-Salem has an estimated population of 246k. Actually, Winston-Salem is the 5th largest populated city in the state of NC. Church conferences events Winston-Salem NC bring ministerial leaders together. Locally and in the surrounding cities as well. Such as Charlotte and Raliegh-Durham.

Furthermore, Winston-Salem is known as the “twin city.” Especially for fine arts and technology. In fact, Winston-Salem is named one of the best cities in the US to retire. And, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal rank Winston-Salem second that have the most “liveable downtown.”

Church Conferences Winston-Salem NC

Besides, there are many reasons and opportunities for your church to host Church Conferences in Winston-Salem. First, leaders can explore the many historical sites such as the Moravian settlement in Salem. Salem was taken from the name “Shalom.” Which means “peace. The nearest cities are Greensboro and High Point.

Second, Christianity is claimed by more than 54% of the population in Winston-Salem NC. Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals, Episcopalians. And others make up the rest denominations.

Attending church conferences in Winston-Salem NC have advantages as well. For example, Winston-Salem is close to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville. And, enjoy the many styles and mediums of art. Historical sites, great shopping, fine dining, and many museums are available.

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