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Today, most of the time, when we hear the name “Martin Luther” we think of “Martin Luther King.” Though different individuals, they had a few things in common. Martin Luther King was a Father of the Civil Rights Movement. Matin Luther’s belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ shook the world’s Christian foundation. Martin Luther was a “world changer” through Protestant Reformation. Let’s find out how!

Sign From God

Martin was born during the time of the Holy Roman Empire. His father a businessman wanted him to be a lawyer. However, one day he was almost struck by lightning and thought this was a sign from God. As in the Christian song from “The Color Purple,” “God was trying to tell him something.” He made a vow.

Luther was a Catholic Monk

Martin Luther became a Catholic monk. Later, he received a Doctorate degree in Biblical Studies and became a professor. As in Proverbs Chapter 19 verse 21 of the New Living Translation Bible, “You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” His father had a “good plan,” but God had a “better plan.” “Father Knows Best,” however, “The Heavenly Father” knows all things and has the best for you.

Martin found it’s doctrine and practices were not scriptural as he began studying the teachings of Augustine. Also, there was dishonesty and mistreatment in the church. And, it contained non-biblical views about salvation, the forgiveness of sin, and God’s authority.

Martin Luther’s Beliefs were as follows:

  • God and His Word is the ultimate authority.
  • Salvation is a free gift of grace from God.
  • Jesus death by faith paid for sin.

Martin Luther Reformation

Martin Luther challenged the Roman Catholic Church. He penned “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences” or the “95 Theses.” On October 31, 1517, they were nailed, pinned or hung on the Wittenberg Castle Church door. The news of the “Ninety-Five Theses” reached the Pope in Rome. Luther was given time to renounce his beliefs. He refused at the Diet of Worms on April 17, 1521. His statement, “Here I stand. God help me. I can do no other.” The Roman Catholic Church was split.

Martin Luther was declared apostate and excommunicated. Among other things, his writings were burned. He refused to give up. He converted the New Testament from Latin to German in 10 years time .

Martin Luther Reformation Christian tours to Germany are available for Christians. You can visit where he was buried under the pulpit in the Castle Church in Wittenberg . Also, visit his birth place, Eisleben, where he lived and taught for 36 years and more.

Namesake of Lutheranism

Those who believe in his teachings are called “Lutherans.” Like the term “Christian” it was initially used to poke fun at Luther and his followers. However, Lutheranism is one of the world’s largest denominations. Globally, there are at least 66 million Lutherans.

Today, the Book of Concord is still used. Lutherans have different views about the Bible according to Pew Research. As a matter of fact, some views are based on the authorship of the Bible. Others are concerned about whether or not it should be taken, literally. Then, there are those who are not sure or have other ideas.

Followers of Martin believe Jesus serves in three offices. He serves in the priestly as exalted Savior because of His death. Also, He reigns in  the kingly office on earth and in heaven. The prophetic office refers to Jesus teaching and Jesus miracles.

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