• Praise Him! One of the most understood gifts if the Prophetic. Many people get confirmation and revelation but never grab a hold and pursue the “seed word” being given. When God puts a prophet in your midst, hang on to it, nourish the word and watch it grow.

  • Praise Him! Have you ever heard of the 7 Mountains? Society is changed/transformed through all 7 mountains. Economy, Family, Education, Spirituality, Media, Celebration & Government. Which one has the Lord called you to focus on? Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is Lord! Blessings

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    Did you know that giving you heart to Jesus and coming to know Christ is the most important thing in anyone’s life? Once this transformation has taken place, it is time to let go of the […]

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    Yes He will!

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    Yes, and every day. There is always something, even if it’s a smile! Blessings

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    I am ready for a surprise Lord!

  • Praise Him! All we have to do to take authority is SPEAK THE WORD! Confess with your mouth the promises of God. No weapon formed against you can prosper if you believe. Just believe, have faith and speak His word. He is faithful and just and right on time. Blessings

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    Praise Him! Heavenly Father we come together in agreement. We bind and rebuke all spirits of infirmity, right now in the mighty name of Jesus. WE declare and decree that all assignments of the enemy are crushed and will not come to pass. Brother Andre’ is already healed, healthy and whole according to YOUR WORD Lord. We claim it right now, in…[Read more]

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    Amen. Subdue the land, overcome, quieten, or bring under control. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.Satan has already been defeated at the cross. WE have to walk according to scripture. There is NO mountain too tall or river to wide to cross. Have faith that God is for us, he is our rear guard, our front guard and guard on both…[Read more]

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    Sounds good to me! What time is dinner?

  • Praise Him! Sometimes it is challenging to conquer things dealing with technology. But, in order to reach the masses for the Kingdom of God, we MUST learn and use the technology of today to our advantage. We can not allow ourselves be outdone by the worldly influences of satan. Greater is HE that is in YOU.The earth is the LORD’S and the fullness…[Read more]

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    Yes Lord, I praise you with Thanksgiving!

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    Praise Him! What is the “media mountain?” “the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely.” The Lord has already done His part, now it’s up to us. He has given us the authority over satan’s kingdom. Step up, step forward, step toward the assignment that God has…[Read more]

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    Amen. We must utilize the Internet to its full advantage for the Kingdom of God. It is right in front of all of us. We, individually, as well as the body, have to take the responsibility. We have to take back the land through media. People need to hear what the Lord is speaking through his people, prophets, evangelist, Apostles, preachers,…[Read more]

  • Praise Him! Sister Marsha had the most beautiful celebration of life, going home service. Must have been at least 250 people in the church. She was truly a blessing to many people. See you one day, Marsha! Hope everyone has a wonderful, prosperous and blessed week!

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    Thank you for loving us Lord, even though we fall short.

  • In Gen 1:28 We are to subdue the earth. Which mountain are you designed and designated to? Research the 7 mountains and learn how to pray effectively. The Lord will lead you in strategy to conquer and defeat the enemy in these 7 areas.

  • Praise Him! Our dear friend, Marsha King, will be celebrated today. She was truly a woman of God and loved the Lord with all her heart. She gave cheerfully and her ministry was a blessing to children and people of all ages. Singing for the Lord was also a part of her wonderful ministry. We will miss her, but are so joyous for her going home. Love…[Read more]

  • The Internet is nothing but Cyberspace, which is our interconnected technology. WE have to overcome the enemy in cyberspace. He is luring our children through deception and poisoning their minds to the TRUTH. And, of course we know WHO THE TRUTH, THE WAY AND THE LIFE is. Jesus, of course. That’s why building infrastructure in cyberspace is…[Read more]

  • Praise Him! I realized a while back that when in school, I did not like to write, but great at typing and spelling. Now, I find myself doing just that! I know now that it was the enemy trying to stop me. And He did. But, God had another mission for the vision that he placed on our hearts for the Kingdom. Writing has become my main agenda to…[Read more]

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