Pastor Perry Stone

If the battle is great, the blessing will be greater. Perry Stone is a sought-after,  end times teacher, preacher, and evangelistic missions visionary. He was born on June 28, 1958, to Henry, Sr., and Juanita Stone. Perry is a 4th-generation preacher.  He began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ at 16. And, at the age of 18, his revivals lasted at least 11-16 weeks. Perry preached the signs of the end times were unfolding.

In, 1985, Perry Stone started the Voice of Evangelism (VOE) outreach. Christian sermons videos led to a weekly broadcast. And, Manna-Fest was featured on renowned international Christian broadcasting networks. It is seen on 85 cable stations in almost 300 countries. Furthermore, it is watched in at least 1 million homes each day. Also, his internet radio audio sermons are available. As a matter of fact, you can watch many video sermons on the TV inspirational Christian videos channel.

He is known, worldwide for “end-of-the-world” or “eschatological” events. He relates national and international events to Jesus’ Second Coming. His other teachings include eternal salvation, divine healing, and spiritual warfare. Again, Pastor Perry has also done extensive ancient end times prophecy research about Bible codes, the Red Heifer, the Mount of Olives, the Dead Sea, and the relativity of the Golan Heights to Israel.

Perry Stone has authored almost 100 books just like the non-compromising Jentezen Franklin contemporary. Israel is the focus of about 30 books. As a matter of fact, his first book was published at age 16. It sold 500 copies for $1.00. Today, Perry publishes and writes for his Voice of Evangelism magazine. The bi-monthly magazine has over 30,000 worldwide subscriptions.

Perry Stone Ministry

The global outreach of Perry Stone includes adventure missions. He ministers to those in war-torn, crime-ravaged, and economically at-risk countries. Perry evangelizes to prisoners as well as those of other faiths. And, he sponsors annual Jerusalem Holy Land Christian tours. In 2013, another phase in the ministry was completed. A Voice of Evangelism debt-free conference center and Omega Center International Church are built near the headquarters offices for $22 million.

Perry Stone is a Lee University and Covenant Life Christian College graduate. He has 3 honorary degrees and is also an ordained charismatic Pentecostal bishop in the Church of God. Bishop Stone is an associate of professors, government, and military leaders. Perry is married to Pam and has two children, Jonathan and Amanda.

God will be faithful to deliver you if you will be faithful to believe Him. It might not come in the manner or time you are expecting, but faith and patience birth the blessings. _Perry Stone

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