revival sermon

Revival Sermon

First, exactly what are the results of a revival sermon and what can it accomplish? Revival sermon results are evident in the spiritual awakening of the believer and help deepen their faith. Spiritual Revivals can reignite the fire we once had for God and can change lives and encourage movement toward righteousness. Healing and deliverance can take place if we have faith in God and his power. This is all done through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Revival Sermon Results

Spiritual revival sermon results today should be as great if not greater than those in the past. What do the original 12 Apostles, Martin Luther, and John Bunyan have in common? Besides an unshakable Christian faith, they all pondered “what is an evangelist.” Especially relevant is the fact that each of these warriors of the faith answered the call. The call for spiritual revival. The Bible Apostles had the advantage of walking with Christ and reaching countless people groups. Martin Luther revived the role of the church as a singular body, not a private gateway to Heaven. John Bunyan used the caricature of the evangelist as a friend for pilgrims through a spiritual journey.

Job 22:23 “If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored; If you remove unrighteousness far from your tent

Faith Renewal

Many people attend revival sermons to receive inspiration regarding faith renewal. Also, common outcomes of effective sermons include growth in church membership. As a result, growth provides a positive example for a younger generation. A bit of healing in many ways can happen. Probably the best revival outcome is the need expressed by believers to have more and more of their questions answered. Believers and new converts want to understand not only in a Biblical way but through personal experience with the Holy Spirit.

Pastors can focus on present needs and topics. Traditional gathering places can be used to address certain subjects. Utilizing technology through unique avenues such as audio sermons is another great advantage. Furthermore, here are a few excellent topics for sermon audios focused on inward, outward, and faith-centered healing and reconciliation.

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The Bible says that God will never break a promise, or forsake believers. This includes a connection with them through the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t take an intermediary like a faith healer to make this relationship real, but a confident message on God wanting to reconnect with people can help it along.

The modern notion of evangelism started with preachers and faith healers like Smith Wigglesworth. This British apologist used the fervor of strong faith to reach people in Europe and the Americas. He brought thousands back “into the fold” with a promise that physical ailments could be healed through creative miracles with a strong personal belief in God’s power.

Healing and Deliverance

Wigglesworth’s trademarks included loudly praying over a sick person, and the laying-on of hands just like in Jesus’ teachings. Smith Wigglesworth proclaimed that all physical troubles could be healed with a faith that is strong enough to invite angelic and Holy Spirit intervention. These revival sermon results coincide perfectly with a growing Pentecostal trend.

To make a list of America’s problems would be an undertaking. In many ways, the country has replaced a reliance on God with other things. In short, we are trying to do it on our own. Sermons with fervor and a righteous fire are just what modern Americans need to hear. Like the old hymn says,” The things of the earth shall all pass away, in the light of His glory and grace.”

In conclusion, America and the whole world needs revival because of the “signs of the end times.” It is more clear today more than ever before.  Therefore, a revivalist attitude and intent are needed if pastors want to shift a modern American’s attention back to God. Messages about God desiring people to come back to Him are absolutely appropriate for these troubling times. Pastors do not have to be as outspoken and brilliant as Bunyon, Luther, and Wigglesworth. They only need to organize, or post online simple revival sermons that shout the truth!

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