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Lets Talk About Sermons For Kids

Let’s talk about the importance of great sermons for kids. In your church or ministry, children or youth are like seeds in a garden. Their growth depends on your quick, constant and careful attention. Think about it! They are your next generation of Christian leaders. Here are some ways to make your kid sermons fun, interesting, but most of all, ministry ready.

Christian Scripture Tools

Center your sermons for kids around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Use free online Christian youth ministry videos about the Book of Matthew. Also, find videos about Mark, Luke, and John. Share Jesus’ birth and His childhood. Discuss His temptation strategies and His teaching ministry. Teach about Jesus’ trials and His death. Compare Jesus’ resurrection to the Second Coming.

Christian Reference Tools

Christian Reference tools for preparing sermons for kids can be found, online, too. Select a computer device. Browse by typing phrases with the keywords “children’s sermons, youth sermons, and kids sermons.” If your sermon is about how to read the Bible, tell students about free online bibles. Teach them how to use online bible reading guides. Also, make them aware of other biblical research tools, such as bible dictionaries, bible atlases, bible concordances and more.

Audio-visual Tools

Use Christian audio-visual tools in your sermons for kids. Look for youth ministry videos on Christian broadcasting networks. Check Christian websites for children’s ministry videos. Download Christian videos with tips for preparing Christian shows or Christian youth skits. Need to find the Top 100 Christian songs for youth worship? Check Christian channels, or go to YouTube for youth ministry videos. Download free online Christian movies. Also, stop by a Christian bible store for Christian youth sermon needs. To listen to sermon audio for even more inspiration to share with the youth.

Mission Ministry tools

Introduce missions ministry in your sermon for kids. Do a picture walk through the places of Jesus’ ministry. Trace the footsteps of Jesus. Use scripture tools, Christian video tools, Christian reference tools and Christian art as a tool. Point out the places of Jesus’ birth and childhood. Refer to the places of His miracles. Visit the place of His trials and crucifixion. Most of all, visit the place of His resurrection. Using a Christian travel site, plan a future missions trip for your youth ministry.

Future Gospel Leaders

Effective sermons for kids have the power to produce great “Future Gospel Leaders of the World”. Proper presentation is a must. It will matter the most, in the future. The world will be waiting. Therefore, the next generation of Christ’s youth needs to be ministry trained and ministry ready. The youth seedlings of today must be nurtured for standing tall and strong in tomorrow’s world. If you provide what they need now, the future will be blessed by their fruit later.
Share your comments, tips, and testimony about how to inspire youth using sermons for kids. Tell what you have done to prepare your next generation of leaders for your church, your ministry and your world. Learn how you can create your own sermon audio channel by contacting us today at:
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