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You Are Fit for the Fight! Pastor Sheryl Brady is a Christian teacher, preacher of contemporary Christian psalmist and gospel music singer. She was born on April 17, 1960, in Detroit.

At a young age, Sheryl Brady was in for a fight. Her father died from a heart attack and sister died from hepatitis. Sheryl’s mother was in a bad accident, was a high school dropout at 15, and married at 17. She was a mother of three. A friend told her about Bishop T.D. Jakes. While he preached, she saw herself preaching. God saw her thoughts. This was her defining moment. Her set time and the favor was sure to come.

“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy .. the time to favor her has come..the set time is come. (Ps. 102:13).

Sheryl Brady Ministry

Would God call Sheryl Brady to preach? She didn’t think so. She had not been to seminary. In 1998, they moved from Dallas to Durham, NC. In 1999, The River was born. Sheryl became a pastor. She couldn’t believe it. Ten years later, Bishop T.D. Jakes called her. He needed a pastor. They prayed. In April 2010, she became the pastor of the new Potter’s House in North Dallas, Texas.

In 2010, Bishop Jakes asked Pastor Sheryl Brady to speak at Manpower. She was the first and only female speaker. There were a least 10,000 men in attendance. She spoke at Woman Thou Art Loosed, Megafest, the Women of Faith conference and more. She began the Connections Conference. Watch her on any Christian broadcasting network.

Sheryl Brady is a gifted Christian writer and has authored books, workbooks, and Christian audio books. In 2012, she wroteA Journey of Transformation for the Washington Post. She wrote for Fox News and has been in Hope for Women and the Gospel Today magazine.

Campus Pastor, Sheryl Brady, is a 30-year international “bridge-builder.” She has ministered the life of Jesus Christ in at least ten nations. Her life messages are transcending and transparent.

Apart from travel, Pastor Sheryl Brady says she loves home. She believes family is a ministry, too. Her marriage to Bishop Joby Brady has lasted 40 years. They have three daughters, Lana, Tina, Nina and have 7 grandchildren. Their sons-in-law are also active church leaders.

Grammy Winner Sheryl Brady

Pastor Sheryl Brady is a soloist and co-writer. She sang gospel song “Waiting On You” on the Woman Thou Art Loosed album. It was a Grammy, Dove and Stellar gospel award nomination.

“When the hand of God is really on your life, there is something that makes you want it and not wants it at the same time. That’s how you know you’re it.” _Sheryl Brady

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