The Crabb Family

The Crabb Family

Read about how God transforms lives. Since 1994, God has richly blessed the Crabb family. The family is an international gospel music group founded by Gerald and Kathy Crabb.

The Christian faith of the Crabb family would never be the same. One of the Crabb songs says  “He Came Looking for Me.” God came looking for Gerald Crabb and his family. In John 1:43 – 51, Nathaniel asked Philip a question concerning Jesus  “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Nathaniel told him to “Come and See.”

Something good came out of The Crabb Family. A creative miracle happened for them in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. It was a Godsent dream come true. God saved and delivered Gerald Crabb from alcohol. He married a Holy Spirit-filled young divorcee’ named Kathy. They reaped the blessings of Letting Go of the past and Going Through the Fire. Chosen by God, they were Driven to Give It All to Him. They were ready to carry out the Great Commission. As Christian gospel music artists, they would share the global good news. Christian gospel would never be the same. Amazingly, six pairs of Two Little Feet would be right by their side helping them.

The Crabb Family Children

On more than one Good Day, heaven smiled upon the future managers of the Crabb family. God gave them six surprising reminders of His faithfulness Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Prophetically, the number 6 also means “marriage” and “cooperation.” The couple cooperated with God by answering The Shepherd’s Call. As a result, God blessed the fruit of their bodies. (Deu.28:11). Three girls and three boys were born. Wow! Reminds me of my family birth pattern.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Live from Kentucky, introducing…. “the Crabb family”…..Adam and Aaron(twins), Jason, Terah, and Kelly. Krystal was the office manager. The quintet, minus one set out to share the love of Jesus In a Song. Alive & Kickin, Pappa Gerald and Mama Kathy Crabb retired from the group in 2007. The family group would Keep Living Out the Dream. They would continue to spread the good news of Jesus through song.

The Crabb Family sang various musical genres of Christian gospel music. Traditionally, they sang Southern Gospel as well as traditional gospel music. However, they have recorded inspirational and contemporary music. For example, they sang Christian praise and worship songs, such as Holy Ground. Country and bluegrass are also recording favorites. Several of their songs contain a mixture of genres.

Dove Awards Winners

The Crabb family has won several exceptional gospel music awards. They have recorded top Christian songs on 5 albums. They have won 11 of the  22 GMA Dove Awards nominations and received three NARAS Grammy Award nominations. The Walk, Driven and Live at Brooklyn Tabernacle was Grammy nominated.

Gospel music awards fall into several categories for the Crabb family. They received 4 awards for the Southern Gospel Album of the Year and have won 3 nominations and 4 awards for the Southern Gospel Song of the Year. Also, 2 awards for the Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year and 1 for the album. They were given 2 Traditional Gospel Song of the Year Awards and were awarded 1 award for the Country Recorded Song of the Year. The Crabb Family made the Top 40 Chart and Top 80 Radio Airplay Charts of Singing News. They have 15 top most played radio songs at the yearly No. 1 spot.

The Crabb family has been blessed with a Christian global outreach opportunity. They have been featured on Christian television broadcasting networks and Christian radio. Their ministry also includes Christian entertainment. They like to appeal to the Child of the King in each of us. The Grand Ole Opry, as well as other Christian events, promote them.

Crabb Family Singers

In 2006, the Crabb family prayerfully pursued separate visions. If There Was Ever a Time, the group was disbanded for good reasons. Each of them began to work on personal music ministry careers. The Aaron and Amanda Crabb duo were formed. Aaron co-founded and joined the Canton Junction quartet. Jason Crabb became a gospel music soloist. Adam and Terah started Crabb Revival, a contemporary Christian music band. Adam also joined the Gaither Vocal Band. Later, Terah became a stay-at-home mother. Mike and Kelly Crabb created The Bowling Family. In 2014, Kelly played the part of a nurse in the Christian drama Virtuous by JCFILMS.

As stated in one of the Crabb family songs, “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus.” The anointing kept running down. (Psalms 133:2). They received several SGN Music Awards. Jason Crabb won “Favorite Young Artist” and “Male Vocalist of the Year.” ”Crabb Revival” won “Favorite Band of the Year.” Crabb Revival also won “Song of the Year” and  “Album of the Year.” The band was also given the “Mixed Group of the Year” award. Kelly Bowling won “Female Vocalist of the Year.” Justin Ellis, the Bowling Family pianist, won “Musician of the Year.”

On occasion, the former Crabb family gathers for Christian family tours. In 2012, the album Together Again was released. Recently, they celebrated 20 years in Christian gospel music. Ticket sales maxed out. Initially, the Crabb family lived and sang in a storefront church. In Gospel music today, they live and walk among other gospel heroes. The family has ministered to crowds of at least 800,000.

The Crabb Family Success

There at least five important keys to the success of the Crabb family ministry. Be prayerful, passionate, committed, willing and obedient. “I ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.”(Isaiah 1:19). As stated by the father, Gerald Crabb, “A tough life makes for a great song; a tough life that became blessed as a result of faith in Jesus Christ….makes for many songs of hope and encouragement.”

Finally, a note of encouragement for you from Crabb family Songs. Continue The Walk by Faith while you keep your Prayer in Motion. When you go Through the Fire, remember He sees your Trail of Tears. Greater is He that is within you than what you are going through. Trust Him. Only Jesus Will Do What You Can’t.

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