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It’s the season for the body of Christ to look at the internet as a vehicle of transportation for the word of God. The Bible says to “go yee out into the world, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The internet plays a major role in the body of Christ reaching the lost. Also, there are countries that the internet can reach out to, keeping the cost of the church’s overall expenses down. There is at no time, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t being preached by way of the Internet. It’s 24/7.

The infrastructure that the body of Christ preaches on, within the internet, is not owned by the Christian body, it’s owned by the Kingdom of Satan. What we’ve done is allowed the kingdom of Satan to outbuild us when it comes to internet infrastructure. Now, the body of Christ is in a position where it has to rely upon the Kingdom of Satan, to manage our media content rather it be a live stream, sermon audio, or sermon video on demand. And the sad part is, 98% don’t even know it or care. We give the hard “technical work” to someone else to deal with.

The kingdom of Satan has invested in “cyberspace” at an alarming rate. That’s because Satan’s kingdom understands that it has to control the media.  And, the way people will communicate with one another. Do not put your trust in man. What our eyes see and our ears hear. Ask yourself a question. Do you really believe in the very very last days, that the enemy will allow the Christian body to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ on their infrastructure? Wouldn’t you, if it was your infrastructure, turn it off? In any warfare, you always turn the enemy “off.” Some would ask, “why hasn’t he done it yet?” It’s because he needs our presence and funds to support their infrastructure in order to build. The enemy understands that building large infrastructures on the internet is a process.

I believe prophetically, in the very, very last days, that the enemy will turn off communication. Which in return will stop Christians from ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ by way of the Internet. I think that it is critical that we take cyberspace back. We have to look at and make sure our infrastructure where our media, videos, sermons, and our ways of communication stands upon Holy Ground.

In your ministry, there is an Isaac, and after Isaac, there is a Jacob. Look at the generation that’s behind you and the generation that’s behind them and you will see Isaac and Jacob. Will you leave the same little church that you inherited from your forefathers to them? Open your eyes and remove the scales because the way we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by way of the internet, is bigger than what we see. It has the potential to reach millions! We have to come out of an old way of thinking. Is it possible that we have inherited an old way of thinking from those who gave us the baton?

The content on the internet can be both bad and good. However, it’s our job to turn the bad into good with the help of the Holy Spirit. There are dark places on the internet that need ministering to. As they say, “there is nothing you can’t find on the internet.” Therefore, do not put your trust in man.

What you preach to the church can be preached to save the lost souls by way of the Internet. Have we put a limit on our reach because we don’t understand the power of the internet? But again, our media content needs to be upon “holy ground” when it comes to managing that which is holy. We can give the “unholy” the word of God in order to bring them to Christ. But, we don’t have to give them the management of our content. Let’s build an Infrastructure where the word of God cannot be controlled or turned off in the very, very last days. Your seed will thank you for it.


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