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How to Become a Missionary

Becoming a Missionary is a life-changing event. Maybe you have that strong desire to help people that are less fortunate in other countries or even your own. However, not everyone is called by God to be a Missionary. Although there are ministries that already have trips scheduled and offer support to missionaries. Here are some great tips on how to pursue your calling and become a Missionary.

Christian Mission Organizations

There are lots of Christian mission organizations that provide passage and help raise funds for travel expenses. Here are just a few tips on how to find them. And, joining a missions organization can show you how to discover your purpose for God.

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  • Browse the Internet for organizations that offer mission trips. There are many to choose from. Just put in the search term “missions organizations.”
  • Decide on what country or type of mission is burning in your belly. Most countries will require travel immunizations.
  • Consider the type of ministry associated with the mission’s work (very important). What is your calling? Is it mercy, deliverance, healing, evangelism, medical, etc?
  • Visit the ministry to see if it is the right fit for your calling. Seek the Lord in prayer for guidance and assurance. If so, join the church and begin the journey of a lifetime.

Adventures in missions can be enlightening and very “eye opening”

Missionary Trips

Missionary trips can be humbling and very “eye-opening.”  Most people who have never been on a missions trip say it is very rewarding. You will need an open mind and be willing to accept the difference in cultures. Do some thorough research online on how to become a missionary abroad. For example, a missionary with a background in education may serve as a teacher, or those who have experience with construction can use their skills to help a community with building infrastructure. Those who love farming can teach the locals of another country how to plant and take care of a harvest of vegetables. Or, animal husbandry, are missionaries who teach about how to raise animals for meat. And, doctors and nurses, in all fields of medicine, are constantly partaking in missions abroad every year.

The adventures and opportunities in missions are endless. It will be a life-changing event for you every time you volunteer. Remember what your heart is saying. In what direction does the Lord want to take you? These are just a few things to think about.  Always pray first before you consider your first or next missions trip. The Holy Spirit will always confirm which way to go.

We would love to hear your testimonies. Be sure to share your experiences on how the Lord has worked through you!

Be Blessed

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