Traveling to Egypt

Traveling to Egypt

Traveling to Egypt is a destination place that I have put on my “to-do” list. I want to experience the wonder of the great pyramids on a camel. It’s where the great Nile river flows and where Aaron, Moses’ brother, was instructed by God to stretch forth the staff so that the waters would be turned to blood. The supernatural events that the Israelites and the Egyptians saw were many. There’s so much history you and the family can learn during your Egyptian holiday tour.

Tourist Attractions Egypt

Egypt tourist attractions will definitely take you back to biblical times, such as in the book of Exodus, which is in the beginning, of the Holy Bible. It was a trying time for the people of Israel who were slaves to the Egyptians. Furthermore, it shows the love and mercy that our Lord has for His people. It was an exit like no other before.

Land of Goshen

As you watch the Joseph movie you will see how he was second only to Pharaoh, King of Egypt. When the Pharaoh died, the people of Israel, came under the rule of another King that afflicted them. While traveling to Egypt you will be able to visit the land of Goshen. This is where the people of Israel lived, outside of Egypt. Moses led the Israelites out of Goshen to Succoth. This was the first point of the Exodus.

Any Christian tours traveling to Egypt will require a passport and maybe some vaccinations. Better do some homework before you make plans just to make sure. It’s 5,773 miles from New York to Egypt. This will give you a little time to brush up on the culture, and language and make some choices on the sites you want to visit. Especially if you will not be visiting with a group or have a tour guide. It’s always best to plan ahead so that you can fit as much as possible in the time you have.

You will definitely want to make Mt. Siani a destination point while traveling to Egypt and the surrounding area. This is where Moses received the original ten commandments from God himself. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the most sacred places.

Traveling to Egypt should be an adventure of a lifetime. Start planning your trip today. Egypt has only 2 seasons, a hot summer from May to October. And a mild winter from November to April. This will give you an idea of what time of the year you might want to travel to Egypt and how to pack.

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