Top Christian songs

Top Christian Songs

Start your day in “victory mode!” David tells us in Psalms 22:3, that “God inhabits the praises of His people.” Think about God. Invite Him in as you listen to the beautiful lyrics of Christian songs. These songs will ring out in your spirit all day long. The worship music you select or sing during your private worship time are important. When you bless God, He will bless you. Set the atmosphere. Jump-start every day with praise and worship to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How to Find the Best Christian Songs

The best Christian songs refer to the rating on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our Fathers’s mercies toward us are new every morning. Love on Him with something new! Remember, God doesn’t like “stale bread” either. Here are a few resources available online for finding the latest in Christian music. To listen on your Smartphone, simply download MP3 praise and worship songs to enjoy any time you please. And, recording artists can upload their MP3’s to the network. David and Nicole Binion have received many awards for their uplifting and inspirational praise and worship songs.

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Christian Worship Songs

Christian worship songs might include artists from practically anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they will meet most of the following criteria when searching for music to use during your worship time. Some of the top five include:

  1. Hillsong – Oceans -Where Feet May Fail
  2. Sarah Reeves – Good Good Father
  3. Emily Ann Roberts – In the Garden
  4. Casting Crowns – Just be Held
  5. Jordan Feliz – The River

Christian Music Videos

Get high on Jesus with Christian music videos. Most music videos today have the words captioned so that everyone can take part in worship. Offer their praises to the Lord through song. In my opinion, some of the best are artists are Vicki Yohe, “Worthy” by Paul Wilbur and Micah Stampley singing “Holiness.” They sing from their heart for the Lord.

With so many different song artists today,  let us know who your favorite artists are in the comment box below. Looking for a Christian social media community? Start networking with professional Christian based companies that put God first. Register today and help spread the Gospel of Jesus with sermon audios and sermon videos. Someone is waiting for a word from you!

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