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The Power of Youth Ministry Videos

Youth ministry videos can help set your youth for Christ, afire. They are one of the most effective tools a Christian youth leader can use. You can use ministry videos in almost every part of your program. They can be used for many reasons. Videos for youth ministry are one of the keys to entering a world of endless ministry possibilities. When used effectively, student ministry videos can lead to future success. Here are some effective uses of youth ministry videos for Christian career purposes.

Christian Career Awareness

You can use youth ministry videos to prepare your youth for future Christian careers. Introduce them to jobs available in the U.S, in the area of missions. Or, expose them to mission field opportunities overseas. Use videos from online Christian job fairs,, Christian business sites, Christian websites, church websites, ministry websites and more.

Biblical Careers

Provide information about biblical careers using youth ministry videos. Use videos about the places Jesus visited for Christian travel jobs. For tips on how to be a missionary, download Christian family movies about Paul and Esther. For future Christian mission chefs, show how Jesus fed thousands. Or, allow students to watch Christian cooking shows from Christian websites. Point out, biblical entrepreneurs. Jesus was a carpenter. His disciples were fishermen. Paul was a tent builder. By the way, don’t forget Solomon.

Christian Character Skills

Youth ministry videos can also be used to teach Christian character skills. To keep their jobs, Christian youth need good character skills. Use Christian youth videos with Jesus’ teachings. Find online videos about the Beatitudes. Use lessons from Jesus’ parables. Download videos for Christian youth and audio teachings from the Book of Proverbs.

Youth Ministry Success

Finally, but most importantly, to experience success with youth ministry videos, make sure you know and understand the answer to “What is youth ministry?” Youth ministry is the effective use of ministry tools, such as youth ministry videos to effectively train youth in various areas for effective ministry. Now and in the future.

Share how youth ministry videos affected your youth’s career choices. Leave before and after comments, suggestions or other ideas about your experience with youth ministry videos as a part of your present or past youth ministry curriculum.

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