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Youth Sunday Sermons

Pastor Mike Johnson of Fellowship Church, says when delivering youth Sunday sermons remember that they are not just kids, they are future leaders. As a child, youth Sunday was exciting. We performed adult service roles. Then, we had to listen to the youth leader’s youth Sunday sermons. Here is how you can activate faith and hold youth’s interest during the sermon.

Point out ways to encourage them to be young and successful. Research and reference the lives and writings of well-known pastors for youth Sunday sermon ideas. One example is Pastor Steven Furtick. Born in the South, Steven was brought up listening to Southern Christian church sermons. Today, he is known for preaching relevant Christian sermons to all ages. Read more about him and other biographies under Kingdom People at KNCB.ORG.

The song or music activities before youth Sunday sermons matter, greatly. Ask your music minister for help. Prepare a pre-sermon music activity related to your topic. Visit World Worship at KNCB Network TV for some of the best inspirational Christian songs. Kari Jobe is an excellent choice for an anointed Christian gospel music artist. Read her biography, online, here.

Sunday Sermons for Youth

Use visual aids when delivering youth Sunday sermons. Suppose your sermon is about how to have childlike faith. Prepare mustard seed packets with a verse and a treat. Make the packets available for youth as they exit the sanctuary. Serve hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings in the dining facility. Also, let them relax and enjoy free Christian movies.

Be proactive when preparing for youth Sunday sermons. Prepare an interest inventory or survey. If preparation time is limited, they are available online. You will get an idea of your youth’s concerns, abilities, likes and dislikes, project interests, and more. Tally the results. Begin with the most recurring inventory item. Place the rest of them on the calendar. Every 3 – 6 months issue a new one. Brainstorm sermon topics that will reflect your results. Gather scriptural references, and quotes for youth sermon topics. Also, read Christian articles like How to Prepare Sermons for Kids at KNCB.ORG.

A boy was watching his father, a pastor, write a sermon. “How do you know what to say?” he asked. “God tells me.” The little boy asked, Oh. Then why do you keep crossing things out?”


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