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Christian Food

OK Saints, grab your fork, and let’s Eat! I don’t know about you but there is some wonderfully delicious Christian food out there. And the recipes for Christian food are there for the taking.

Traditional Christian Food

When it comes to celebrating the many Christian holidays, Christian food makes it taste even better to me. Did you know that In Christianity there are foods that represent or can symbolize characteristics of the faith itself? Take Baklava for example which originates from the Ottoman Empire or Turkey. If you have never tasted this luscious sweet pastry made with many layers of filo and filled with crushed pistachios or chopped nuts and held together with sugar or honey. you are in for a treat! I absolutely love Baklava. Baklava is made with 33 sheets of filo dough to be exact. It represents or refers to the life of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that a pretzel was Christian food? Well, according to Wikipedia it is said to represent a child’s folded arms in prayer. It was first created by monks in southern France. I never knew that myself. Very interesting don’t you think! They say it’s always good to learn something new every day.

Healthy Food Options

God told us in the bible about what organic foods were good for us to eat. The early Christians ate very well back then. They didn’t have all the pesticides and unnatural additives in their food. Natural food many years ago consisted of grapes, nuts, barley, honey, and olives. Although we eat a lot of the same foods today, they are so much better when you grow them yourself or get them from an organic farm nearby. And of course, fish was and still is a big staple in our diets.

Christian Chefs

A Christian chef today understands that cooking should be done in the right spirit. Since it is their gift and this is how they bless us. Their love goes into every dish and meal. I would rather have my meal from a Christian fast food restaurant like “In-N-Out Burger” or “Chick- Fil- A” where God comes first.

Biblical Cooking

Biblical cooking is simple. It is cooking and preparing foods that are good for our body and mind and bring nourishment to our holy temple. This is wisdom itself. Being conscious of what we put in our bodies can help prevent diseases and sickness from attacking. The foods we eat can actually give us longer lives.

Christian cooking shows are a good way to learn healthy recipes. Most Christian chefs will often give you a word of wisdom or scripture during their cooking videos. They feed the belly and your spirit. How good is that! Let our chefs show you a thing or two when it comes to cooking. Chef Bob out of Alabama has a great cooking show here at Kingdoms Network. We know you will enjoy his recipes.

There are some Christian food companies that have been around for a very long time. They bring respect to their employees with a biblical perspective. Like Tyson Foods where they make great efforts to be a faith-friendly company.

Grow Your Own Food

Christian food or healthy, natural, and unprocessed foods are what we all need to live better lives. When you have your health it’s easier to be happy. Let’s be careful about what we eat. Search your local newspaper or classified ads for nearby farms that offer fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, or animals for slaughter. Knowing where your food is coming from is very important. Got room for a garden? Grow your own, I do! It doesn’t take up much space and it is so much fun for the kids to pick their own. And your family will love it!  Encourage them to eat more and enjoy the true taste of their food. It instills just how important healthy foods are and necessary for a healthy body.

What’s your favorite recipe? Are you a Christian chef with a cooking show or have cooking videos? Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting can help you get started. Just email us with your questions at

Here’s to eating well!

Be Blessed

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