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Christian Videos on Demand and Preaching the Gospel

Christian Videos on Demand and Preaching the Gospel

Christian Videos on Demand

Did you know that spreading the “good news” and the love of Jesus Christ is not just for Pastors or Preachers? It’s for all Christians and videos can help spread the gospel around the world. People who live in countries with different beliefs but seek to know the truth about Jesus can watch sermon videos. or get their praise on with Bow down and worship Him by Micah Stampley.  And, there is so much more you can do on your Smartphones! Christian videos on demand play a huge part in reaching the lost. Every soul is precious to Jesus. Christianity today and our relationship with Jesus help us to grow spiritually. It gives us more understanding of our purpose for Him while we are here on Earth.

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 

Christian videos on demand are made available 24/7 on the network.  And, anyone who has a connection to the Internet can watch the different channels which include the Worship Channel.  And, who may I ask, doesn’t like praise and worship music videos! Does this sound like you? Many gifted artists express their love for Jesus through worship songs. These videos are great to listen to while in prayer, while driving, or any time of the day. Did you know when we offer up our sacrifice of praise that we are ministering to our Father in Heaven? Show Him some love!

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Sermon Videos

Our children and young adults need to be inspired and encouraged today.  Our sermon video network provides a platform where they can watch a youth minister that is geared toward their age group. Encourage our  Youth for Christ because they are the next generation. Honor and glorify our Father while in prayer with praise and worship videos.  The bible says in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  So, it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are brought up knowing who Jesus is and how to have a relationship with Him through prayer. Show them how to continue growing in their walk with the Lord. Our Father likes that.

Videos to upload and share include many categories such as:

3 men and a camera

Preach the Gospel Through Christian Videos

Preaching the gospel is what the Apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ did. The disciples were sent out by Jesus to go “tell it on the mountain.” The only way they could reach the different towns was to walk or ride a donkey.  Preaching the gospel and fulfilling their mission had to be done “face to face” with people.  Today, Christians can easily reach a multitude of people around the world through Christian videos.  And, the Internet is the best tool to reach the preach the Gospel and reach the lost. We have no excuses! Video is 82% of the search done today. Therefore, we have to make our sermons easily available on platforms designed to spread the Gospel.

The body of Christ must be vigilant in making sure to record our sermons and upload them to a Christian video platform. The church’s presence is void on the internet compared to worldly entertainment. Although there are many churches where people go to listen to the word given by the Pastor. Sermon videos are valuable resources.  So what does all this mean? Make your Christian videos on demand available on our Christian broadcasting network.  Share the love and reach more people today. Help make the Gospel accessible to other countries around the world.

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