• Bitterness
    Teaching the vital part that bitterness plays in an unsatisfied life is a way to awaken an awareness of an insidious trick of the enemy. Although many people feel justification for feelings of anger, […]

  • Obedience to God
    When the subject of obedience comes up in relation to the Christian lifestyle and walk, most tend to immediately think of the Ten Commandments. It is true that following the laws and commands of […]

  • Elijah and the Second Coming of Jesus
    Prophet Elijah, a forerunner to the tribulation. Sermon audios on Prophet Elijah describe and enlighten us through scripture that he is one of the two witnesses.

    Malachi […]

  • Sermon On the Mount 
    What appears as an informal gathering of Jesus and his disciples in the Book of Matthew, developed into the literal guides of teaching about the ways of true discipleship. Audio sermons on […]

  • Overcoming Fear
    2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Audio sermons on fear can help break through the tendency of allowing fear to overwhelm […]

  • Encouragement Audio Sermons
    Audio sermons on encouragement is an important tool in defeating the enemy.  One of the more important tasks of the enemy is to get the believers in Christ stuck in a rut of worry. […]

  • Spirit of Poverty
    The costs of living, in this modern age, are only equaled by the rise in demands. Everyone wants to own and live in a nice home and drive a nice car. But what does the bible say about the […]

  • Relationship With the Holy Spirit
    Sermon audios on the Holy Spirit will give a greater understanding of just how important He is and why a relationship with the Holy Spirit is critical. When Jesus left this […]

  • Woman with Issue of Blood Sermon Audio
    Creating woman with issue of blood sermon audio can demonstrate that it took a woman of remarkable courage to act on her deep faith and belief in God’s promises. Matthew, […]

  • God’s Grace
    The basic definition of grace by God is a complete unearned and undeserved act of favor towards an individual or group of people by God Almighty. It can seem mind-blowing that the creator of […]

  • Sermon Audios on Lust
    The body is designed by God to house the Holy Spirit. But an earthen vessel is easily penetrated by sin. Lust is a powerful spirit that when entertained can lead you into a life of complete […]

  • Hope in God
    Through faith Abraham had hope. It is a lesson well received with audio sermons on hope. Abraham had a love and reverence for God that provided the foundation to live a life of hope and great […]

  • Prophet Daniel 
    The Book of Daniel has a mixture of future prophecy for our times, blended with miraculous interventions of God. Listen as the Prophet Daniel audio sermons explain how God’s plan to preserve th […]

  • Joseph Son of Jacob
    God has always had the heart for those that love him and are obedient. It is critical to point out with the sermon audios on the life of Joseph, that he was born to the grandson of Abram. His […]

  • Miraculous Healing
    Reading the scriptures of the bible that contain miraculous healing provides comfort in a broken world. Listen to audio sermons on healing and the different subjects that surround creative […]

  • Book of Queen Esther Audio Sermons
    The Queen Esther audio sermons bring the touching story of a young Jewish woman having to live in a foreign land due to captivity. Her obedience, faith, and trust in God help […]

  • King Solomon Sermon Audios
    Solomon, King David’s son, was the wisest and wealthiest king ever to live. King Solomon sermon audios help explain why his dynasty did not last. Some of the most significant […]

  • Book of Ruth Audio Sermon – God’s Redemption
    You will feel empowered after listening to the Book of Ruth audio sermon and develop a deeper understanding of grace and trust in the Lord in all circumstances. Ruth […]

  • Book of Revelation Sermon Audios
    Are we indeed entering the age of the Apocalyptic Revelation given to Apostle John? Revelation sermon audios help pull back the curtain to view the apocalyptic vision with […]

  • Signs of End Times Audio Sermons
    Never has an age been in more need of encouragement from the word of God. Shake off the bondage of fear and bless yourself and your family. Open your spiritual ears and be […]

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