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    God’s timing is perfect, your blessings is right around the corner!


      • Umo, I want to test our video, play the
        video and let me now how well it plays.
        The Videos I will need is of ministry working outside
        the church.

        • Good Day Apostle, I Was Glad To Read Message And I Watched The Video.They Àre All Wonderful. Simply Put I’ve Not Seen It Like This Before. But Please I Would Like You To Be Patient To Teach Me To Understand. So That I Can Work Well In Nigeria. Once Again, Well Don’t.

          • Please I Wanted To Say “Well Done”. Ignore The Mistake.

          • Did the video play well?
            If you will have an ear to hear,
            I will give you wisdom. If very
            possible that you can be, the
            bingeing of Africa channel, for the
            world to see God’s miracle’s.
            1. We use mobile for video.
            2. Your group page is a website
            3. We are over 20 hired working on KNCB
            4. We will have channel around the world
            5. It will take finances
            6. You will need to work, getting
            your church members into your group.
            7. In this season focus is a must
            Be sure to rate how well
            the video played in your country.
            From a scale of 1 to 10, rate it for me
            to know in order to make it better. Again I will teach you.

            • Dear Apostle Walls,Good Day.Sorry We’re Experiencing A Bad Network In Nigeria Because Of Hammartan(Dry Weather).I Couldn’t Use My Computer.I Managed To Use My Small ITEL Phone To Reply The Message You Send To My Email.I Said I Would Tell You That I Am Very Much Ready.It Is The Will Of God For Me To Work With You.If You Check Your Facebook Timeline, You See The Year You Ask Me To Be Ready For You To Bring “GOD SENT TV” Through Me.I Was Quite Ready.But You Didn’t Come.Immediately After That, As I Continued With My Prison Ministry.One Day Online, I came In contact With Prisoners For Christ Outreach Ministries,Woodinville USA.
              They Trained Me In Their Online University And Appointed Me As A Regional Director In Nigeria. The President With 3 Of Them Visited Me In September 8th to 15 2017.That’s Why I Am With Them On My Profile Picture.
              Why I Am Saying This Is That,I Will Not Fail You.God Will Use Me In This Area To Win Souls For Him.Stay Blessed.

            • Why I Didn’t Want To Come Up With The Rating Yet Is Because We Want To Have A Clear Network For Us To Play Them Again.But They Are Inspiring And Touching To Those That Watched Them.

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