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MP4 Video on Demand Sermons

Get the Word out to your members and the world with video on demand sermons! At KNCB.org., Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, and Pastors can now upload their video on demand to their group page. Contact sales to get your group page started today! Topics to include:

  • Sermons
  • Worship
  • Teachings
  • Bible study
  • Special events
  • Special guests

A personal profile is required in order to start a group page. First, church leaders will register and create their own free personal profile. Next, invite your members, family, and friends to register for their own, free personal profile. Finally, invite them to join your group. Members can also invite their family and friends with our free, “invite someone,” tool.

The group activity feed allows your members to “chat” about the sermon with others or refer to the scriptures in their bibles as the sermon video plays. So, be sure to remind them in advance to watch the “next and newest” video on demand sermon.

MP4 on Demand Sermon Videos

On your church group page, upload church sermons, worship, teachings, etc., to your gallery. Sometimes, members aren’t able to make Sunday service or bible study. This way, their mind, and spirit can be refreshed.

At KNCB.org, our Christian video management network provides this service for $150 a month. 40 GB storage, Bandwidth, and Hosting are included for small to medium churches. All accounts will be on a recurring basis payable through PayPal, a safe payment gateway. For additional storage and bandwidth for large churches, contact sales.

We also make it easy to upload your MP3 audio sermons to KNCB.org as well. An MP3 audio player is available to your church group for an additional $40 per month.

Let’s get started today! Give our team a call at 910-599-3700 or contact us by email.



KNCB use Paypal as a safe payment gateway.

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1. On the next page choose the “other amount” option, then enter the amount of $150.00
2. Click “automatically repeat” each month.

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