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(KNCB) Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting has employed twenty Christian writers and has two CEO’s, Apostle Sheraton and Pastor Gail Walls. Articles are written daily by our Christian authors in order to educate the body of Christ about the many topics on Christianity and how to market in today’s marketplace.

Their vision started five years ago and the site has been up and running strong.’s focus points are its many categories. Such as Christian sermons, Christian movies, Christian travel, Christian cooking, Christian news and Christian stores online. From a marketing point of view, we believe that one category supports another. Also, you will find a growing “online¬† Christian community” for chatting and networking with other Christians from around the world.

Christians can register and start a profile page, as well as creating their “Church group page” for weekly sermons or bible study. Personal profiles or group pages are free to create. However, offers other enhanced packages. For example: weekly Podcasts, video on demand and Live streaming services for individuals or churches who would like to reach their members. The “group page” comes with free tools such as an “invite anyone” tool. With this tool, group page administrators and members can invite people on their email list to join their group. Also, a free “documents upload” for flyers for their group members.

You can view our network page with its many channels. And, the list of categories is growing. We believe that every sermon should be recorded and managed within a relevant category. Whether its video or podcast, we also believe that the Christian body should have a “holy infrastructure” for the Saints to stand on and minister the word of God.

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