Apostle Craig Banks

Apostle Craig Banks and his wife Pastor Sheryl Banks are the founders and Pastors at Canaan Christian Center Church and Canaan Christian Center Servanthood Institute School of Ministry in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Their goal and mission is to reach beyond the walls of the church building in building, structuring and organizing various ministries around the world. “Raising a City of Servants” is the motto of Canaan Christian Center and is in agreement with the gifts of the Holy Spirit for equipping the ministerial gifts of the Apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers. They currently presides over many churches and ministries around the globe providing leadership, spiritual guidance and ministerial development.

The Heart of a Servant

In Apostle Craig Bank’s newest book, “The Heart of a Servant,” you will begin to fully understand his heart as a humble servant. It describes his early walk, his desire to be what God called him to be and how we can reach and attain the heart of a true servant. Apostle Banks describes the journey using biblical scripture and his own experiences in a way that is easy to understand and relate to.

Revelation Knowledge

The teachings of Apostle Craig Banks seen here at CCCTR.org and Say Amen TV will give you revelation knowledge of what is happening in the realm of the Spirit today. His preachings are about the truth and what God is saying in the end times. How you and your family can reap the blessings and rewards that God has for all of us, if we be willing and obedient. Apostle Craig Banks truly has a heart of a servant. His words and his actions speak for themselves. His love is for God’s people and making sure they are equipped with the tools and the knowledge to fulfill their calling and the great commission of reaching the lost around the world through broadcasting and the many other media outlets.

You are encouraged to watch the anointed teachings of Apostle Craig Banks here at their website CCCTR.org. Now is the time to attune your ear to hear the truth of what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. Apostle Craig Bank’s newest book is also available for purchase. It is one that you will read again and again.

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