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Who are you, really? Like Israel Houghton, Your Name is Great. Your name has destiny attached to it. Get ready! You are Going to Another Level. Learn about what led to his triumph in the gospel music industry. Learn about his lifestyle of worship to an Awesome God.

Israel Houghton is an anointed Highly Favored international gospel recording artist. He is a singer-songwriter, producer, and an arranger. His genres include contemporary Christian worship and contemporary Christian pop music. He sings traditional Christian gospel music, too. He is the worship leader for Lakewood Church.

The childhood of Israel Houghton was a colorful cultural blend. Israel is a black american and his adoptive parents are white americans. He attended church with hispanic americans and lived in a hispanic neighborhood. His biological father is african-american and his biological mother, a concert pianist, is a caucasian american.

Biography of Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton was Saved By Grace even before he was born. His mother became pregnant at 17 and she lived in Waterloo, Iowa, during segregation. She was on drugs and was declared an unfit mother. She was told to abort and move on but refused to destroy the child within her. Glorify Him!

There were many events that led up to the special birth of Israel Houghton. God was getting ready to Turn It Around for the young mother. First, a Christian missionary appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. She had some good news and told the mother-to-be that Jesus loved her. She was told that she had done the right thing. Moving Forward, she surrendered to the King of the Broken and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord over her life.

A creative miracle, Israel Houghton, was born. She was carrying treasure for the world. Like Mary at Jesus Birth, “She brought forth her firstborn son.” (Luke 2:7). She gave birth to a gift that would keep on giving. She opened her Bible and there it was, Israel. It was the first name she saw. Israel, a biblical name, has several connotations. It means triumphant with God or having power with God. It also means God rules and Prince of God. Triumphing over death, a future gospel music prince was born. A Godsent Glorious day happened in Oceanside, California on May 7, 1971. Bless the Lord!

Israel Houghton was a PK or preacher’s kid. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with two brothers and a sister and is the oldest. His parents encouraged imaginative enrichment. They were taught the importance of reading. There was no television in their home. More and More, God was preparing Everything for Israel’s part in the Great Commission.

The exceptional musical ability of Israel Houghton started at church. Although somewhat strict, his parents were open-minded about music. His father loved music and gave Israel musical advice. Israel played drums at church at the beginning of his youth ministry at the age of 5. He developed an interest in playing the guitar and keyboard at age 13. Later, he developed an interest in playing the trumpet and went into full-time ministry at age 19. When asked to be the worship leader, he didn’t believe he could Sing.

Still Standing, Israel Houghton plays vocals, guitar, and keyboards. He loves the Fender Rhodes. He has no scholarly training in music. However, he has attended several workshops through the years. He continues to be taught daily at the Music University of the Most High.

The gospel music career of Israel Houghton was influenced by other artists by listening to Christian and secular artists. At age 11, he started to listen to Grammy artists. For example, he loved O Happy Day by The Edwin Hawkins Singers. He listened to Stevie Wonder every day for hours. Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones sparked his interest in production. He also listened to Paul Simon, The Beatles and The Eagles. He was attracted to their vocals, lyrics, rhythm and harmony. His desire about Africa was ignited.

God uses whoever He wants in whatever way He chooses.”

The multi-genre, multicultural ministry, of the multi-talented Israel Houghton is powerful. His style has hints of rock, reggae, pop, Latin, R&B and jazz in his music. God uses whoever He wants in whatever way He chooses.” Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So. His anointed music dissolves denominational differences and it has culture crossing capabilities. It has the power to breakthrough, breakdown and breakup societal barricades. The anointing makes the difference. and melts the differences. Surely the Presence can unite all into one ”kingdom culture.”

In gospel today, Israel Houghton has done Christian song recordings with several Grammy Award winning Gospel artists. He has recorded with Martha Munizzi, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff and Michael W. Smith. He has also recorded with Cece Winans, New Breed and others. He was a part of the All Around King’s Men Tour. It included Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, and Donnie McClurkin.

Israel Houghton has won several recording artist awards and was awarded two gold albums. He has won 5 Grammy Awards and 11 Dove Awards.  He received 1 Soul Train Award and 2 Stellar Awards. These awards were won for the albums The Power of One, A Deeper Level, Alive in South Africa, and Love God, Love People.

Houghton Worship

Israel Houghton has recorded 13 albums. In 2003, he produced a top worship album “Bigger Than My Imagination” by Michael Gungor. You can find his work on RCA Inspiration and Integrity/Columbia labels. Israel has also been featured on other recordings. He has recorded for EMI Gospel and Worship Leader. Some recording venues include Lakewood Church and Free Chapel.

Israel Houghton was called to Cover the Earth with his wife of 18 years, Maleasa. She is his founding partner for New Breed Ministries. New Breed is made of musicians and ministers who perform with him on occasion. He is the father of Mariah, Sonny, and Lily and has three biological sisters from his father’s side.

Israel Houghton attributes several things to his success. He believes that no one is an accident. No life is a mistake. “We are fearfully, carefully, and wonderfully made.”(Ps.139:13-18). God is a Great God. He created us for greatness. Home should be your first ministerial obligation. Family is more important than accomplishments. He believes that the atmosphere of the kingdom of glory is a potpourri of music from every culture.

Songs by Israel Houghton

Finally, be  encouraged by this Israel Houghton song summary. God has Not Forgotten you. You are a Friend of God. As He promised, Your Latter Will Be Greater. So, don’t throw in the towel. Help is on the Way. Believe. Receive. Decree it! Declare it!  A New Season is coming your way. If you are all about God, He is All About You. His love for you is Stronger Than A Thousand Seas. Shout Praise! Again I Say Rejoice!

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