It’s a Fact Jesus’ Birth

Jesus’ birth is true! The birth of Jesus is an undeniable fact! A fact is anything that can be proven. The internet is loaded with reliable information about the baby Jesus. Bookshelves are filled with historical documents and scientific data. Christian TV sites like provide video and sermon podcasts that bring the word of God alive. 

God’s Promise

God did not lie about Jesus’ birth but kept His promise. The proof lies in your faith. Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 1 states ”Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” We didn’t see Him, but our faith tells us, “He came.” He’s still here and He’s still changing lives today.

Jesus’ Birth Changed the World

God gave the Old Testament prophets, visions of what was to come. Some people still believe it never happened. His birth came with many supernatural changes. The world only “saw” Jesus as a baby who would become a man. But, they didn’t “see” Jesus prophetically. They weren’t ready for “all” He came to do. Jesus caused nations to quake, to unify the people, but He also came to divide.  On the other hand, Jesus had the power to “strengthen …feeble hands, and support..stumbling knees.” Isaiah 35:3(ISV)


There were many people who ignored or dismissed the birth of Jesus Christ. Because of unbelief, His birth was insignificant to them. However, King Herod was fearful of the birth of the Messiah and wanted Him killed. The Jesus movie along with other Christian movies demonstrates how he lied to the wise men. However, God’s plan prevailed!

Glad Tidings

Glad tidings of great joy were experienced at His birth. With hearts full of Joy, Mary and Joseph held the world’s greatest gift. The shepherds marveled as they watched. Wise men traveled, with joy, to Bethlehem. Take a “life-changing” trip to the Holy Land and find out more about other places to visit through the Christian travel website. Sing a song of joy along with inspirational Christian worship songs at 

Although the birth of Jesus happened many years ago, the story remains the same. And, it still has the power to change. God sent His Son, Jesus, to us to be the propitiation for our sins. If you don’t know Him yet, the door is still open! So, “Open the eyes of your heart.” Let the Savior in and experience His love, today. You’ll never be the same again.

Share your experience of accepting Jesus and the impact it has made upon your life.

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