Jesus’ Ministry Mission

Jesus ministry mission is confirmed. Jesus’ mission statement was written by Isaiah five hundred years before His birth.“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound….” Isaiah 61:1 (KJV) Five hundred years later, it happens, again. Jesus visits Nazareth, His hometown and place of rejection. He begins reading the same scripture from Luke Chapter 4 verses 16 – 18.

Jesus is Born
Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, the city where King David reigned. And, God’s plan for salvation was activated. Before his time to fulfill, Jesus was a carpenter. John the Baptist, who was Jesus’ cousin, would announce the coming of the Lamb of God. He came with a message of repentance. And, to get ready for the “good news.” That Jesus was coming to take away the sin of the world. 

Changed the World
Jesus ministry changed the world. Follow His example if you want to know how to become a missionary. After praying, grab a pen, a notebook, and most of all, your Bible. Begin the write down the things that you can do that can help change lives. Become a leader or a teacher of the Gospel and share the love of God. Show your family how to read the Bible. Ministry is work, diligence, and rewarding.

Spiritual Boot Camp
40 days of spiritual boot camp was required of Jesus. He didn’t eat or drink for 40 days. This reminds me of the 400 years Israel went without hearing from God. During those 40 days, He was in the ring with Satan. Satan was knocked out in three rounds. Jesus used three powerful words, “It is written.” This match would be the first of many that He would win against Satan.

Heart for People
Jesus’ ministry involved having a heart for people. He was called the “ friend of sinners.” He ministered to lepers, adulteresses, women, cripples, the blind, Gentiles, the poor, demon-possessed, non-believers, and more. Today, He ministers to AIDS patients, the homeless, the drug addict, the prostitute, and the list goes on.

Helping Children
Helping children was Jesus’s ministry too. Jesus loves the little children. JESUS LOVES YOU! Watch a Jesus movie or a Christian film about the life of Jesus Christ. Pay close attention to Jesus and the children. Jesus was very patient with children. Read Mark chapter 10 verses 13 through 16. The disciples were upset when people brought their children to Jesus. Jesus rebuked them. As a missionary, you’ll minister to kids too. When you need a sermon for kids, go online. Type in “sermons for kids, kid sermons, children or youth ministry.”

Train Others
Jesus used His gifts and talents to train others. You can do the same thing. Share the love of Jesus using your hands. For example, use your gardening skills. Jesus, a Christian entrepreneur, was a carpenter. I am sure He used His skills with His kingdom teaching to attract other entrepreneurs. His first four disciples were Peter, Andrew, James, and John. They were fishermen.

Rugged Mission
Jesus loved going on rugged mission trips. Sometimes they traveled by foot. Sometimes they traveled using a small fishing boat. Christian travel websites and travel agencies were a thing of the future. God has smiled on missionaries. Now you can go on mission trips anywhere in the world. Make your choice. You’re only a plane away. Video tour on a Christian travel website, Christian travel channel, or a Christian Network for a future missions trip.

Feeding Others
Feeding others was a part of Jesus ministry. Find accounts of Jesus feeding thousands. As a missionary, you can do what Jesus did. You, too, can feed the hungry. Jesus fed those near and far. Today, there are feeding centers for preparing and passing out food to the needy. You may be interested in Christian chef training for missions. Visit Christian chef and Christian food networks.

Facts About Jesus
You can find many facts about Jesus’ ministry. You’ll find answers to questions, such as Who is Jesus and did He really live on earth? Is Jesus God? What kind of mission work did Jesus do? How far did Jesus travel for ministry, what sermons did Jesus preach, and what were the parables? 

God Bless You in your missionary endeavors.

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