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Did You Know This About Jesus Teachings?

Today, Jesus’ life, Jesus teachings, and Jesus’ miracles are still taking place, all over the world. The internet allows you to tap into the timeless treasures of Christ’s life. At, you’ll find Christian videos such as the Jesus Christ Movie. And, while there, introduce your children to sermons for kids. You can also listen to online audio recordings on Christian radio, and read more informative articles on our Christian channels

Jesus Ministry Roles

Jesus teachings in the New Testament Gospels reveal His ministry roles. Matthew writes about Him as the Messiah King. To Mark, He is the Servant of God. And, John writes about Him as the Son of God. In the Gospel of Luke, He is the Son of Man. For more information on the gospels of Christ’s life, read the many articles that will give more understanding.

Teachings of Jesus

The Gospel of Luke was written to help Greek minds understand Jesus teachings. As you research online you will find that Luke, a medical doctor, was not a Jew. In fact, Luke was Greek and Paul’s companion. He wrote about Jesus’ birth and boyhood, Jesus’ teachings, and Jesus’ miracles. Written accounts of Jesus’ death and Jesus resurrection were also made by him. The Gospel of Luke is the longest and most detailed of the four gospels.

The Best Teachings

“World-class” is the best word I can think of for describing Jesus teachings. His teachings were better than the world’s, and His teachings created an atmosphere for the supernatural. Like a magnet, Jesus’ miracles, signs, and wonders attracted thousands. Faith healing was available. The dead came back to life. Suddenly, supernatural provisions appeared. Furthermore, His Word still works today. He’s still at work. Visit Christian missions outreach sites online.

Everlasting Teachings

The works and words from Jesus’ teaching are still making an everlasting difference in the world. He is teaching and working miracles more than ever before. Jesus’ words of faith and faith works are still moving at an alarming rate. Thousands of years ago, Jesus’ miracles were performed before a multitude of people. Today, Christian crusades are available on Christian broadcasting networks. Now, the miracles of Jesus are performed in front of millions.

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Be a blessing to others. Share how Jesus’ teachings have been a blessing to you. Tell how the kingdom teaching and miracles of Jesus have changed your life or ministry. Feel free to share your comments, suggestions, or testimony.
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